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DalittleB t1_j7fbzgd wrote

I get a little better price at Costco.

The heartworm is about $6 less than the auto-ship price on Chewy.

(edited to confirm and price check)


disturbed_beaver t1_j7g33c1 wrote

I second this. Simparica trio is about $170 everywhere for 6 months, Costco it's just under $130.


Elios000 t1_j7ilcj2 wrote

another vote for Costco. FUN FACT you dont need to be a member to use there pharmacy


littlebrownmoth t1_j7fw546 wrote

So, it depends what meds. Unfortunately most places you get meds online that are cheaper than your vet or chewy are... not genuine/quality. :( There was that whole thing with the fraudulent seresto collars that were hurting pets for a while.


littlebrownmoth t1_j7fwcfg wrote

You might check if your med you need comes from a company w a reward program though.


Past_Win6798 t1_j7f469z wrote

We go to Spragg Vet Clinic in Rogersville, MO. Spragg has saved us with not only our animals on multiple occasions, but they have saved us financially as well. I highly recommend them.


Massysmom t1_j7idnlo wrote

Wal-Mart if it’s also a people med


Salt-Description-387 t1_j7j8dtm wrote

Takes awhile for shipping but you can try canadapetcare. They usually run discounts. I can get flea meds for much much lower than the vet or other sites I’ve used in the past.