Submitted by ho1doncaulfield t3_10w20bs in springfieldMO

Hey. Just trying to see if anyone is experiencing outages with their brightspeed fiber service?

Our internet has been out since early this morning. Not sure exactly when. And of course calling customer support is absolute hell because no one has ever been able to give me the correct phone number. Why did they ever switch service providers after laying the fiber?



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p00pbiscuits t1_j7l535i wrote

I had a similar issue last week during the winter storm. I had to call customer service and they did some "configuration changes" on their end and it fixed the issue. The number I called was 1-833-692-7773


ho1doncaulfield OP t1_j7ldm4n wrote

Thanks. I now have three different customer service numbers for Brightspeed. One from a rep that is apparently Quantum’s, one from their automated line when it routed me from Quantum’s to Brightspeed’s, and one from you 😁😓


MenopausalMama t1_j7lqskb wrote

North side and ours is working fine today.