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FrankTankly t1_j7phhr1 wrote

Well, at least they got best cocktails right.

I don’t understand how Harvest isn’t even on the list for best fine dining.

Bad. Bad list.


Wyldfire2112 t1_j7rdp9o wrote

It's a popular vote. Amazing how many people slamming the list because their favorite isn't where they want it don't understand this is a popular vote.

It's not on the list because not enough people voted for it. Period. End of story.

Doesn't matter how good the food is if they don't have a big enough fanbase, and I've never heard of Harvest before now.


FrankTankly t1_j7revqq wrote

I understand that, and it’s all well and good. But popularity unfortunately does not equal quality, so what is even the point of this list?

They even brand it as “Best” of 417, which is a misnomer if all they’re doing is tallying popularity, so again, what’s even the point? By this logic McDonalds should absolutely top several categories.

And look Harvest up, it’s fantastic.


Wyldfire2112 t1_j7rizn8 wrote

People wouldn't vote for McDonald's as their favorite Fast Food joint, though.

The idea is that they go and ask people what their favorite food places are, and the ones the most people say are their favorite are "the best."


FrankTankly t1_j7rmm7n wrote

I absolutely know people who would vote for McDonalds as their favorite fast food place, unfortunately.

My point, again, is that if all this boils down to a popularity contest, then why even do it? And if it’s going to be done regardless, then why not be transparent with how the list is presented. “Most popular in 417” would attract just as much attention and then would avoid all this nonsense about what restaurants are “better” than others.