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United-Ad6464 t1_j7uffbe wrote

These must be the overdoses the sheriff was speaking on🤪 /s


PalPubPull t1_j7urrml wrote

I think it's valid to bring up.

I'm all for the legalization but think education is also important.

I also understand those that are pro-legalization have been arguing against the "harmful effects" for so long that some feel there aren't any harmful effects. It's nowhere near the level that's been spewed to us for decades, but there is potential harm in smoking or undesired effects, and anyone that intentionally (or unintentionally) intoxicates another animal or non-consenting human I would consider cruel behavior.


rooster_b_goode t1_j7ul8av wrote

Hippies always have the most well behaved dogs. These new partakers just need to get some dog training tips from them


Ipuncholdpeople t1_j7vh2w0 wrote

I knew a guy whose dog wore a little backpack full of pot lol. She was the chillest dog I've met


Gingersnap5322 t1_j7vzyfz wrote

Whenever I light up my cats come RUNNING I have to shoo them away because I don’t want them to inhale any of the smoke


lifepuzzler t1_j7xbsy2 wrote

Oh yeah, for sure. My cat is obsessed with flower. I woke up one day and saw a bunch of torn up paper on the ground -- he had eaten a roach. He was extremely cuddly, purr-y, and a little wobbly and glazed over for a few hours but then he was fine. I thought it was a one off, but then I woke up again another day to a stoned kittty and it turns out he was eating from the ash tray.

Ever since I've been more vigilant with keeping it out of reach. But it doesn't stop him from blasting into the room when I bust open a new batch. 😂


FrankenRabies t1_j7vo8km wrote

When I was 18(and living in a different state)my ex threw a pound of marijuana butter out into my back yard without telling me(idk if it went bad or what, he was working at a dispo at the time). My dog acted weird for two days and I dropped almost a grand at a vet freaking out till he finally came clean and told me she was probably ungodly high. She couldn’t stand up straight and kept just toppling over with her tongue half out of her mouth. She lived 7 more years after that reaching the ripe old age of 17, so I still wouldn’t say deadly overdoses are a danger… unless you feed that amount to your pet rat or something.

That was an extreme case, but keep your edibles out of reach like you would any other drug. It won’t kill your dog, but like, it probably wouldn’t be very nice either.


CandyBoBandDandy t1_j89cob4 wrote

“It’s not like with people. It’s just more toxic with animals, for dogs just don’t sleep it off that their motion and moving around anxious. This hard to hold them still, very hard to hold them still.”

“I think you should use the same precautions you use with children,” said Brown. “Put the locks on your cabinets, and you do things like that. And you just have to be extra cautious to keep it up because some dogs just get into stuff.”

He's got some good points. Just keep your weed locked and out of reach from your pets. And smoke it outside


DirtyOldSamurai t1_j7w64sd wrote

First off, pets cannot consent to anything. I know the article is basically like make sure your pet can’t get into it. But also, FUCK Philip brown and animal care hospital, I used to take my cat there and he was always extremely rough and aggressive with my cat. Just overall icky feelings from him every time I went which wasn’t very much.