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AtomicDonkey2022 t1_j7zftso wrote

I’ve been using Zenni Optics the past few years (online retailer). It’s much more affordable!


Ganrokh t1_j7zn5gh wrote

Seconding Zenni. My wife and I have been using them for a few years.

I wouldn't use a fancier online retailer like Warby Parker. Their founder was a guest shark on Shark Tank once. He admitted that they sell the same frames as cheaper retailers, but charge a premium to appear to be high-class.


Low_Tourist t1_j8057cp wrote

There are only a few factories in the whole world that make glasses frames. I can't remember the exact number, but it was around 5 or less. Some higher priced frames have nicer features, but for the most part, they're pretty much the same.


SPUTZNiKZ t1_j7zpebj wrote

Third this. Zenni and EyeBuyDirect are what I use for frames


eofk t1_j8084kf wrote

Came here to say Zenni. Very affordable, make sure you get your pupillary distance measured and noted on your prescription. It helps you see through the middle of the lens better and prevent eyestrain. Personal experience lol.

Prices start around $10 for frames


blu3dice t1_j7ziz09 wrote

Online - Warby Parker.


MerSav t1_j7zhj8w wrote

Jordan Valley. Frames as low as $12 and lenses just depend on strength of prescription!


_punk_ass_ t1_j80gity wrote

I bought a pair from here and haven’t switched since! These are durable, more comfortable than the expensive Raybans I had right before these, and I believe I paid $60 for everything (and that’s with anti scratch, anti glare, blue light blocking, transition lenses, so, a lot of extras added on)


Galacticgypsy27 t1_j80n1lb wrote

Sunshine Eye Clinic. Definitely not cheap, but your visions worth the money. Check out getting a Care Credit Card, you can use it for any medical expenses and can make payments for 6 months without interest. Usually can apply and use it before even getting the card in the mail!


ActuatorBig3489 t1_j804k76 wrote

I went to pearle vision across from the mall to get mine not too long ago (maybe a month or so). I paid 19$ for the exam, frames, and lenses. Definitely worth it to check it out.


Yespinky t1_j818ynt wrote

You must have incredible insurance. I can't get glasses there for nearly that cheap.


Horror-Log1100 t1_j7zldfr wrote

I’ve used forever! I’ve had more good than bad (over 40 pair purchased including scripted sunglasses)


beegee710 t1_j80330h wrote

I’ve been buying mine off eye buy direct the last few years. Just get your exam done somewhere in town & ask for a copy of it. I got a pair of prescription sunglasses & blue light blocking glasses for like $115 a few months ago. I got an email the other day that they’re doing buy one get one free right now.


KoiCyclist t1_j82pfds wrote

I got cheap frames at Vision Clinic downtown - they even have a section for “your insurance will cover this cost” frames. After explaining that I wanted no tinting, coating, or anything else fancy, I think they were less than $20. I’ve done Zenni in the past, but I appreciate being able to try things on.


jonjonjay t1_j82qfyz wrote

Staton was $89 for the exam and 2 pairs. So far very pleased, we'll see how they hold up with 2 small kids


mb10240 t1_j82ti4d wrote

Online. Warby Parker has been my go to choice - they'll send you a box of five pairs to try on for free, too.


Imactuallyadogg t1_j7zs6tf wrote

Robbing a person with a similar prescription of their glasses. Think of close family members first. Probably easiest way to find out a persons sight is by being one of the persons family members. Nanna won’t be able to fight much so that’s an easy first target. Yeah they might only be $20-$100 at Walmart but showing your family that you don’t care about them at all is priceless.