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00112358132135 t1_j7zuli7 wrote

Noting that others here say “not expired”, Price Cutter has still been selling more and more food past its freshness date since the pandemic.

I legitimately could not purchase dairy items that were not past their expiration date at the National and St.Louis location. Their produce is often rotting nowadays. They used to have better produce than Walmart, now it’s the opposite.

I’m actively boycotting Price Cutter since they’ve only made it more expensive and less healthy to shop “on a budget”.

Seriously, what prices are being “cut” when a head of wilted lettuce is $5.50?

Ps: the workers usually look exhausted, I feel sorry for you guys. Hey-Vee seems like it takes care of their staff.


lydia_videll t1_j7zvqnl wrote

I noticed that from the National/repub one as well. The employees always look so defeated and as much as I want to support them, it makes me wonder if this location is not getting the best treatment from higher ups.

Ever since Hy-vee opened up on sunset, I’ve been going out of my way to shop there and try to avoid price cutter when I can because I’ve had that same issue with past “Best By” and experience diary products.


BrownLightning96 t1_j81wt8j wrote

As a former Price Cutter employee, I agree. My department once had 4 people closing per night, and ended up down to 2. Our prices are also a joke. Our lunch meat prices have skyrocketed since I left. American cheese used to be like 5-6 dollars/lb. Can’t remember. Now it’s like 8 dollars/lb


iced-macchiato t1_j81aqft wrote

I bought frozen pizza at the St Louis location that was expired once and didn’t notice until I put it in the oven. I check everything from there now. Unfortunately that is the closest grocery store to me or I wouldn’t shop there so often.


00112358132135 t1_j82pnq8 wrote

Same here. I used to go for the convenience. Now I just go to Hy-Vee for the things that Price Cutter can’t seem to do right. At hyvee I regularly get half and half that is 2 months before expiration date, I’m like that’s what I’m talking about


lydia_videll t1_j89w250 wrote

So to tack onto this: my partner and I have stopped buying frozen food from the nat/repub price cutter because by the time we brought it home, we noticed lots of freezer burn. At some point, it had thawed and had been refrozen.