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socialistpizzaparty OP t1_j820q2v wrote

Ahh thanks for explaining that. I’m going to head back there now for this perfectly adequate, but “not the best” mustard 😆.


daleearn t1_j830t1j wrote

Definitely not expired and I bet if you did a blind taste test with one that is fresher you’d not be able to tell the difference. Manufacturers started putting these dates on products to move more product IMO. Granted if I have a choice I’m buying the fresher product but if that product is discounted which I know it wasn’t but if it was I’d buy it hands down without concern!


socialistpizzaparty OP t1_j83scno wrote

100% agree on that part. Everything has a “best by” date nowadays… my paper towels probably have them 😆If it passes that date in the store, I won’t buy it. But if it’s in my fridge and I’ve been using it, I just keep ok using it.