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realtalkyo91 t1_j893d87 wrote

Check out - it’s where folks list most of the nicer furnished single family homes here I believe


limesfordinner t1_j89jf17 wrote

College housing is a BIG mistake. I live in college housing and I'm constantly hearing people yelling, constantly dealing with drunk kids. But because you want fully furnished that's where you're gonna end up. Cost effective could be anywhere in town but I can circle on a map where you dont want to live. You dont want to be north of division. You dont want to be off downtown more than half a mile because the surrounding areas to the east north and west can be sketchy. There's no "hood" in Springfield mo. The worst parts of town are gonna be surrounding the train track east to west of Springfield mo. The area I grew up in and played in the streets at night as a kid. So yeah sure it's got a little more danger because there are more people whose income also reflects their life choices on the north side but its not a worrisome place to be. I digress.


Brandywine_99 t1_j8rmw9k wrote

I'm looking to rent out my house soon, fully furnished two bedroom one bath in Delaware neighborhood with a large backyard. PM me if you're interested!


TurtleSoup58 t1_j89231v wrote

Springfield Greens apartments has fully furnished units. Not sure if it’s cost effective however.


limesfordinner t1_j89iuhn wrote

I think it's pretty cost effective but there are so many units. I wouldn't call it the safest place. Its massive, uncomfortable large for an apartment unit.


jackie_wiggiwoo t1_j8abjbq wrote

There are brand new lofts/studios by me. Eastgate and Division, Moon City Lofts. The pricing is on their website.


justinhasabigpeehole t1_j8b7sj0 wrote

$1000 for 300 square foot Loft or should I say closet. That is New York City prices


ponyboi915 OP t1_j8an8nm wrote

This a nice area? Looked into it but don’t know the feel of the city


jackie_wiggiwoo t1_j8ankri wrote

It’s quiet. It’s just inside the city limits and fast access to Hwy 65.


00112358132135 t1_j89hf6e wrote

If you want safe and clean stay away from anything north of sunshine


the_honeyman t1_j89mrp4 wrote



ponyboi915 OP t1_j8ana71 wrote

Why the downvotes?


zakriebinx t1_j8aubn4 wrote

Because North of Sunshine is a ridiculous stretch. For instance, the Rountree neighborhood is north of Sunshine and considered one of the more desirable neighborhoods.