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Mechanicallvlan t1_j8f98fm wrote

I've never been to Fuji. I feel like Nakato and Hinode are pretty similar, but I prefer Nakato. If you care about atmosphere, Nakato is definitely a little nicer. "The show" is probably better at Nakato also. However, they're similar enough that I wouldn't much care which one that I was going to.


gohomechal t1_j8fzgya wrote

hinode treats their employees like shit, go to nakato


Nothing_exciting t1_j8fypii wrote

I prefer Hinode. I also prefer Hinode over Nakato.


my_monkeys_fly t1_j8m2yqh wrote

Fuji is small, older, and more intimate. It actually is my favorite restaurant in springfield, although I usually do take away only.


MartonianJ t1_j8f35g3 wrote

I’ve been to both and much prefer Nakato. If choosing between those too though, I’d go Hinode