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ChewML t1_j8ewvec wrote

Did it have a basement? I think I remember this place.


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ChewML t1_j8g6exe wrote

I don't even know why I was in that store... I am pretty sure I was not old enough to be buying furniture.


Born2fayl t1_j8h2u86 wrote

That dude walked around everyday pulling flyers for events down in an impotent rage. We hung fake flyers once, in his sight, just to watch him march angrily out and tear them down. It was before the internet and we were bored.


merrythoughts t1_j8fc66f wrote

Follow you around like you were about to discover their secret operation.


Ozarkian_Tritip t1_j8fev86 wrote

That place was absolute shit.

The store literally sent me kits to assemble my own furniture, despite nothing in the store indicating that. Then the delivery men tried to get me to pay them $600 to assemble the furniture for me. Needless to say it took an entire weekend but I assembled all my furniture myself.


Love-Being-Empty t1_j8ezlyg wrote

Whats going to replace it? Let’s all hope for Dave and Busters lol


antiquated_human t1_j8fex4y wrote

prime real estate. I'm thinking car wash and a strip mall with cbd, title loan, and a cashew chicken place


Spackleberry t1_j8fo814 wrote

Great! We don't have near enough of those on Campbell!


jimmycrackcornmfs t1_j8g4zau wrote

You forgot laundromat and bar.


azanylittlereddit t1_j8hjtip wrote

random beauty supply store and a thrift shop.


jimmycrackcornmfs t1_j8jnjoc wrote

I would frequent this bar, laundromat, thrift store, beauty supply bank, and not necessarily in that order.

Edited for spelling *


var23 t1_j8ghl5s wrote

I think a Dave and Busters would do well here!


webculb t1_j8ewyl0 wrote


The Owner is retiring so they are winding down the business.


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webculb t1_j8ey48z wrote

No doubt that the slowdown in furniture sales lead to the decision to wind down the business vs selling it to someone else. However, the owner is 70 so it makes perfect sense that he wanted to retire.


Soon2beBrideMelisa t1_j8gd5sz wrote

Yeah old people are weak as hell so retiring helps them stay afloat pun intended


saariskater t1_j8h8qsk wrote

Owner lost his line of credit with his major bank. I worked there.


Crushed_cheese t1_j90zo8s wrote

That’s sketch. Watch your last pay check.


saariskater t1_j94rwl4 wrote

They sold to a liquidation company who took over payroll. I'm already gone and been gone since Jan 1st.


whattheduce86 t1_j8fy36c wrote

Guessing he couldn’t find a buyer..


saariskater t1_j94ru66 wrote

Didn't even try to find one. We got told the week before Thanksgiving


ash-hole189 t1_j8fywa8 wrote

I know right?! Also, don’t be fooled by their liquidation prices!! I went in there to check on a kitchen table set and while it was discounted to a display only price, it was the SAME price it was normally. Don’t be fooled by the markdowns.


Optimal-Ad4741 t1_j8l6ofb wrote

Also, everything seems to have a "Last one" tag on it. Meanwhile there are 4 identical items on the floor next to it, none of which have a "sold" tag..


YakAttack_Actual t1_j8fu1ck wrote

We bought their “custom” couches over a year ago with 4 kids and 2 asshole dogs. They’ve held up absolutely fantastic.

Guess our warranty is over though 😔


Ok-Damage5304 t1_j8llahd wrote

Their prices are not liquidation prices…. There were only 4 Dining table that caught my eye.. but they were still selling for $1200, $1346, $1499 and $1549… the problem is I wouldn’t pay over $800+ for any of those tables.

The salesman kept trying to get me to haggle and engage with him.. and even randomly lowered a price on a table set “based on inventory stock” without me even requesting it

Definitely not coming back.. very sketch


MappingClouds t1_j8f2zoz wrote

I would bet more cheap furniture stores to close because of online places like wayfair, but more expensive ones staying.


bibiane t1_j8jme86 wrote

It was so expensive though! And for what seemed to be very mid-tier furniture


kaboshhh t1_j8j2koy wrote

They stopped the money laundering or what


Acrobatic-Yak-1574 t1_j8igp7k wrote

From Vatterott college to something else (? Can't remember?) And a failed furniture store.... That building has not stood the test of time well imo


Huge-Air-7817 t1_j8j5mqc wrote

They were open all week according to google hours and their hiring ads. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂