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MappingClouds t1_j8f959o wrote

Second Ozark Refuse. They have been great. Only “issue” we have had with them in 2 years is they didn’t come by when the roads were solid ice, but I say “issue” because I understand why they didn’t run their trucks.


Ganrokh t1_j8gicsz wrote

Heads up, they post updates on their Facebook page when service will be delayed like this.


ash-hole189 t1_j8fyk3z wrote

Right. We just left our trash out and they picked it up by the day after, which was fine.


mb10240 t1_j8husx1 wrote

Thirded. They’ve been really great. Just recently moved back to Springfield and got them at my neighbor’s recommendation.

Also, their cans are newer. That might mean something to someone. LOL