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RockemChalkemRobot t1_j8fppnp wrote

Dead body. Easy to tell with the crime scene tap and red bio bags.


Willing-Sprinkles-17 OP t1_j8fsb8x wrote

Ah. I was in the opposite lane headed south. All I could see were the vehicles. Thanks for the info.


Punnchy t1_j8gblhj wrote

I noticed someone picking up trash in front of the arc of the Ozarks building at elfindale about 1pm today, I wonder if they're the one who found the deceased person.


FedexJames t1_j8fxmem wrote

Second body found recently. Think there might be a Springfield serial killer?


Willing-Sprinkles-17 OP t1_j8fzn69 wrote

My guess is someone walking alongside the road got clipped by a car. The number of hit-and-runs in this town is startling.


SkullKidd_13 t1_j8g6hv7 wrote

Too far from the road to be a hit & run. Looks like a homeless camper may have frozen during the last big temp drop to me.


4myolive t1_j8gg6mt wrote

You are probably correct but injured people often leave the scene and aren't found for quite some time. Fight or flight kicks in.


Aimless78 t1_j8gxqba wrote

If skeletal remains, then the person has been dead for more than a few weeks, probably at least a few months.


Punnchy t1_j92lffb wrote

"In a temperate climate, it usually requires three weeks to several years for a body to completely decompose into a skeleton, depending on factors such as temperature, humidity, presence of insects, and submergence in a substrate such as water."

Time to check the local missing persons lists...