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N7Manofkent t1_j8ie6oz wrote

Angel animal hospital is good it's on sunshine


muddpie4785 t1_j8kmmte wrote

Another vote for Dr. Flathers! :-) Also look into CareCredit to help cover those larger vet bills.


umm1234-- t1_j8ku79b wrote

This vet is awful for cats. They ignored everything I said and charged me over 200$ to say my cat was fine when he wasent


GeneralTonic t1_j8isijm wrote

I don't have any experience with others, but All Creatures on Kearney worked with us once for payments on an unexpectedly large bill.


Shadow11Wolf50 t1_j8k0w2i wrote

My only issue with them is they refused to do further tests and kept trying to shove science diet that was loaded with grain onto my grain-intolerant, disabled cat. I brought her in on an issue of continued diarrhea and they wouldn't run a stool sample, blood work or even entertain the idea of trying enzymes into her diet. I finally swapped cat food and added an enzyme treat to her diet and it drastically improved in just a couple of days. I swapped to grant ave pet hospital and while they dont have the cheapest prices they will do estimates up front to help and theyve been good to my animals since.


notnotpegbundy t1_j8kw4gf wrote

Absolutely love all creatures and dr Blackburn. Both our dogs go there and have for years. They also just squeezed our big girl in on Monday when she pulled back a claw. Definitely recommend.


Sally_twodicks t1_j8j27bu wrote

Idk about payment plans but Angel Animal Hospital is a vet and Dr. Flathers is literally an angel. She allowed me to bring in my cat on death's door before the vet even opened. She is amazing.


ChewML t1_j8jppe3 wrote

Have you looked into care credit cards? They may provide you with different options.


muddpie4785 t1_j8kn8n4 wrote

We are at Galloway Village Vet now, and very impressed with the level of scientifically advanced care our dogs are getting. I think their fees are competitive, and commensurate with the excellent care they provide.

If you wind up needing after-hours care, the emergency vet (400 S Glenstone) is excellent, as well.


lola-starr98 t1_j8liryj wrote

I will never recommend that emergency vet after the horrible experience I had with them. I wish we had more in Springfield though.


muddpie4785 t1_j8lz3vn wrote

Another one to avoid is Sunshine Animal Hospital. I knew one of their long-standing vets personally and had taken my animals there for several years, and was happy with the treatment they got. But then I discovered my dog's bloodwork had been indicating elevated liver enzymes for *three years* before the vet thought maybe she should tell me. By then my dog was terribly weak and sick. The vet just shrugged. I took my dog elsewhere and they found a large inoperable cancerous tumor. I don't know whether the vet at Sunshine didn't have the equipment and knowledge to think "cancer" when she first saw my dog's bloodwork, or if she just didn't give a damn.


Tess_Mac t1_j8mucy0 wrote

Route 66 Pet Clinic, Dr Becky is a great veterinarian. I don't know about payment plans though.


snorlaxatives_69 t1_j8iqmza wrote

Do not go to the Animal Care Center on S Campbell


drsideburns t1_j8k5ya9 wrote

I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but I thought they did a good job getting a senior dog in and taken care of for me.


spicymemories19 t1_j8roxze wrote

I have used Animal Care Center for years and they have always gotten me in quickly for emergencies with no fee and let me in with my pup. I love Dr. Jones! Can I ask what you didn't like about thm?


houseplanthot t1_j8lq86k wrote

Most/all vets around won’t do payment plans but will offer Care Credit which is a credit card you apply for. I use Grant Avenue Pet Hospital and they are pretty medium priced, but when I brought in my cat for minor issues and he suddenly died of a genetic defect he’d had since birth, they only charged me for his cremation and xrays. It was very nice. I would not recommend Thomas Rouse at all though. I saw him for my dog once and he was very condescending and rude. Every other vet is absolutely amazing though. When having a dog like a dachshund, I would really recommend pet insurance as they can be prone to back and joint issues. I hope everything works out!