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socialistpizzaparty t1_j8otnqy wrote

Well damn that’s really awesome. I’ve never been there but that’s about to change! What’s the best thing on the menu?


ActionFalcon t1_j8ovx4t wrote

It's all good in my opinion but many people recommend their wings over other wing places in town so I would suggest starting with those.


FrankenRabies t1_j8q5xyv wrote

Their wings are good. I’ve been completely cutting meat from my diet, but their Thai and Thai peanut were amazing(chicken wings have always been my guilty pleasure). If they ever get cauliflower wings I’d enjoy trying more sauces.


Sleepysheepish t1_j8sl5qj wrote

Honestly, if they carried a decent veg option I'd end up eating there every week. For the Super Bowl my roommates ordered a bunch of wings to go, and I just bought a tub of their Gunslinger sauce and tossed some vegetarian "chicken" nuggets in it, and it was still so good.


FrankenRabies t1_j8snwcx wrote

Off topic, which veggie nuggets do you get? I’ve tried the impossible and LOVED them, but 11 bucks is just too much money to spend on a snack item.


Sleepysheepish t1_j8svxvm wrote

The Impossible ones are so good, aren't they? But the ones I normally buy are Good & Gather from Target. They're not a good replica of chicken, like you're not going to fool anyone with them, but they're cheaper and a good vehicle for sauces and dips lol.


Sleepysheepish t1_j8sk9h4 wrote

Twice fried wings with Arizona Gunslinger sauce! The Southwest Cajun and Boneyard sauces are also really good. Over the years my friends and I have tried every sauce on their menu, and those are the ones we all agree are the best. I eat mostly vegetarian now, and those are one of the things I miss the most.