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Hey guys!

Me and my partner are looking for a new vet for our fur babies, we just need general check ups and a place that let's us go in with them and not just drop them off. Anyone here know of any good places that also won't break the bank?




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DrinkWaterDaily7 t1_j8oxjwp wrote

Route 66 on College Street.


ScarvesOfRed t1_j8pswte wrote

Love love love Dr. Becky!! We live across town but it's worth the drive.


woodsy_bear t1_j8swc9e wrote’s a drive for us too, but totally worth it


5ofUM t1_j8nyfrk wrote

Galloway Veterinary 👍


AndyWarholsbigcan t1_j8otd5r wrote

I highly recommend Grant Ave Pet Hospital. Their current location is super old and small but they will be moving into their new building March 13th. I had an amazing experience with the vet and the technicians there. Everyone was insanely kind and took very good care of my puppy. It was such an amazing experience that even if they weren’t moving into a new updated building I would go back.


Embarrassed_Feed_145 t1_j8oy8vt wrote

i love grant ave they are awesome! they were able to get my kitty in when no other vets were taking new clients. been going ever since!


abbalabby t1_j8ojmod wrote

Bradford Park Vet Hospital! Look into their PAWplans. They’ve been extremely helpful in saving us money on regular vet costs, which allowed us to treat our dog with kidney disease as much as we possibly could. No way we could’ve afforded the prescription food without it. And Dr. Pearson is fantastic!


widowtothesoul t1_j8rrqdn wrote

Route 66 pwt clinic on west College st! It’s family owned and Dr. Becky is amazing! She takes care of my 2 doggies and my kitty cat. Affordable, knowledgeable, kind. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!


lprocter t1_j8oig75 wrote

Dr McClure in Ozark is wonderful! The staff is great too!


KoalasUnl1mted t1_j8p9q69 wrote

Animal health center. Affordable enough and I've always been allowed in with mine.


meganfrau t1_j8onenc wrote

VCA Parkcrest will let you go on with your pet.


meganfrau t1_j8onfo4 wrote

VCA Parkcrest will let you go on with your pet.


here5293 t1_j8q2j4e wrote

The Barker Shoppe on Bennet is the best


Salt_Literature1849 t1_j8qbl41 wrote

Ozark Vet Clinic is where I go. They’ve taken great care of my senior dog and diagnosing her issues to get her the proper treatment. They are always willing to answer any questions and get back to you in a timely manner. I always get to go back with my dog unless she’s just going in for some routine lab work, then I wait in the lobby and it takes <15 minutes. The visits are affordable for us (my dog is on monthly meds which is what really adds up for us).


StacyNJM t1_j8rizn4 wrote

Dr Flathers at Angel Animal Hospital is an angel. She’s affordable and thorough. Her staff is helpful too. Can’t recommend them highly enough.


mtnstothesea t1_j920n2a wrote

Healing Paws is the only fear free certified vet in the city 🙂