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Does anyone know of a place in (or near) Springfield that does Monday night Trivia??

Or any other unique and fun activities to do on a Monday?



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Kroniaq t1_j9awqoc wrote

There is actually a weekly Monday night trivia at Billiards, at 7:30 pm. Most of the time it's general trivia that leans towards pop culture, but the last Monday of the month is a theme night. Next Monday is "Parks & Rec," and the end of March is "Doctor Who."


cjh32495 OP t1_j9ax9gt wrote

Oh awesome!! Thank you so much! I knew there had to be at least one place 😁 thanks for the info!!


cjh32495 OP t1_j9b0umr wrote

Also do you know how many people can be on each team?


PhillyDillyO t1_j9b5m74 wrote

I think 6! Sometimes they work it that if you have extras, you lose a point per extra person but they’re pretty flexible. They also have some really good room deals (happy hour prices and stuff like that)


cjh32495 OP t1_j9bye7l wrote

That’s awesome! Thanks so much for all of the info!


MartonianJ t1_j9732mu wrote

I don’t think any of the local trivia nights are on Mondays.


PhillyDillyO t1_j9b5por wrote

An above person commented on this BUT Billiards has a weekly one now!