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tye1984 t1_j99dhvb wrote

Chris gately


Low_Tourist t1_j99l9w5 wrote

He got shot and lost them all in foreclosure. Allegedly. Some people think he still owns a few, but I don't know.


Ozarksmetalhead t1_j9aemu9 wrote

Here’s an update on Gatley and his properties from this morning at 5 am if anyone is wondering. Springfield News-Leader current article about Gatley


[deleted] t1_j9akoah wrote



Ozarksmetalhead t1_j9ant2z wrote

Right? Listen I’ve met the guy in person many times. He’s actually got some sort of mental defect - I hate to speculate but maybe mildly retarded. When you meet him in person he seems like the most genuine and convincing person ever. I believe that’s why he hasn’t been taken care of like that.

I hate to wish bad on people but that single question is hard not too wonder. I mean - all the people he and or his company has screwed over without him even being aware at times. He’s had several scenarios where his management were the crooks and lying to him and such but I mean at the end of the day - disabled or not, he owns the properties and the management company and is truly the one solely responsible for all of the bullshit.

Oddly enough - even as bad as he is, Springfield became worse when they force sold the majority of his property. As shitty as he was, he did provide SOME sort of a service. Abandoned buildings and all. At least people living in his properties had a legal address to not be vagrant - and most of them were either there or just about there before.

I’m in no way being positive in his favor - the guy fucked me when I was 18 and the Mayors Commission for Human Rights had to help me out and they sure did!! I’m just stating additional information I know and additional aspects of looking at it.


oWatchdog t1_j9brmcn wrote

Owning property isn't a service. There is no value added when it comes to land lords.


Ozarksmetalhead t1_j9bssbl wrote

Oh really? So where are all the crackheads that cannot support themselves and don’t have what it takes to get their crap together and buy their own home - where are they living now that over 1000 homes that could’ve been available to them are now owned by solo first timers and management companies all with criteria those people cannot adhere to?

Just wondering where are they now again? Did they all get into homes of their own when the properties were sold or did they get non renewed and evicted, and have been bounced from literal wooded areas and fields to wooded areas and fields by the sheriff since? Because it seems to me that’s what happened. Listen man I’m all for individuals owning their own property but there are some who can’t and some who don’t want to. There are landlords who provide a service for that. Then there are individuals who cannot be rented to - and whether we like it or not they are equally as much a part of society as we more productive citizens are and deserve housing. It’s a need. People like Gatley absolutely provided a service for that and the proof is in the pudding brother.

I get your sentiment but don’t open your mouth and insert your foot. That’s what just happened there!


411skcoRefiL t1_j9bu0kk wrote

I'm not fan of this guy but speculating that he's mentally handicapped with no evidence seems inappropriate to me.


Ozarksmetalhead t1_j9cad39 wrote

No he actually is man. He’s literally mentally handicapped and it is completely apparent when speaking with him. It’s not speculation. It’s a statement of fact to explain more about him and his situation. He isn’t all there.


411skcoRefiL t1_j9glf0s wrote

A speech impediment is not a way to determine if someone is mentally handicapped. He may just have a speech impediment and that's fine. You can't say he literally is something when you also said,

>I hate to speculate but

Attack the guy for the wrongs he hasn't righted not things that you don't know are true.

>It's not speculation

You literally said that it was.


Low_Tourist t1_j9av3k3 wrote

I saw that! I was like "Ope! Guess he's back at it. "


Ozarksmetalhead t1_j9bkxdj wrote

It’s always something around here ain’t it man? This city is something else!


mcnew t1_j9adbt9 wrote

He did get shot (this is known in the public record), and I truly wish I could tell the story but hipaa laws are a bitch.


tye1984 t1_j9hze95 wrote

Wow, he finally pissed off someone badly enough to get shot 😂


Aimless78 t1_j99g9w7 wrote

He was the worst but he doesn't have any rental properties anymore


tye1984 t1_j99ggru wrote

Did the city finally go after him??


Wyldfire2112 t1_j99v4qy wrote

>Chris gately


The bank foreclosed on all his shit shortly after he got shot.


Ozarksmetalhead t1_j9a65ou wrote

You are wrong. He goes under a new company name now, and has a person named Wayne doing the management. I can give you his direct number to call and inquire. Somehow he still has about 50-100 properties that he owns. They are in the name of his new LLC. (Same thing he’s always done.)


ChocolateGautama3 t1_j9aeu5d wrote

Yep, did service work on some of his properties and it's the reason I don't work for that company anymore. Brought home fleas from one of the houses I worked on.


Ozarksmetalhead t1_j9amqtv wrote

Holy hell that is insane. So then you have to treat your home at a cost to yourself because if you sue the bastard good luck actually getting any money from him. I witnessed that Wayne guy threaten to rape someone in a text message.

She actually considered suing him for other issues and that was the response she got. Also said he would kill her and her spouse. Was like “tell him to bring his @$$ out here I got a bullet for him too, I can’t wait till I see you” something very close to that. Pretty insane the quality of living for Springfield and the lack of authority over safety and stabilization.


CetiCeltic t1_j9avf0c wrote

God, the fleas around his properties are insane! I remember checking one out way back And I literally had to strip down outside my door to keep them from coming in the house


EnbyKathryn t1_j99c9fh wrote

All of them. Parasites on society.


Aimless78 t1_j99geio wrote

I have an amazing landlord! She owns like 6 houses in town, and she takes good care of them. I wouldn't trade her for the world.


DTaH_Flux t1_j9a57xi wrote

So... you'd rather have a landlord than own your own house? Interesting


tye1984 t1_j9a5zdu wrote

I own my home now. But at 18 that just wasn't going to happen.


DTaH_Flux t1_j9a8vu0 wrote

I mean, the last sentence written is a fairly bold statement for some lady who is profiting massively off of a house she doesn't even live in and bought when it was way below current market value.

Me, personally, I'm trading in a world where my living space is owned by someone else for one that's owned by me. Not going to hype up a landlady just because she's nice.

Never indicated that's what someone should do at 18 nor did I indicate that you always have options even when you're broke.

Edit: I think my favorite part about this whole interaction was none of you had a decent response for me 😂


tye1984 t1_j99djbp wrote

Oh bullshit. There are plenty that take care of their property


jaydub1001 t1_j9ah0j5 wrote

Yes, but they ARE parasites on society. We don't actually need them for society to run. They provide housing the way a scalper provides tickets. Scalpers and landlords are parasites.


CADOMA t1_j9k5gk1 wrote

I hear this a lot. Rental housing is a business like any other. Owning a house isn't always an option for people. What is the alternative? Do we strip people of their property and hand it to people who often don't want or can't afford it? Tear down all the apartments in the world or force people into an obligation to own a place they might want to leave soon? I think it could be better regulated but it's better than any alternative I've heard, but those alternatives are few and far between because it's easier to tear something down then to build something new.


jaydub1001 t1_j9k6l8b wrote

>Rental housing is a business like any other

It isn't. It's far from selling fruits and vegetables in a market. If I don't like the cost of bread at my local market, I can search around and find one for a dollar cheaper, perhaps. Housing is predatory. You NEED housing. Without it, you are not considered part of human society in any meaningful way. So, companies buy up property and jack up the prices. The market doesn't need landlords.

>Do we strip people of their property and hand it to people who often don't want or can't afford it?

Who doesn't want a home? Lol, tf?

>Tear down all the apartments in the world or force people into an obligation to own a place they might want to leave soon?

Ah, because the only alternative is to bulldoze them? Why not socialize the housing market? If I'm going to pay taxes, and I do, I want it to go towards helping people. Cut funding from the military and police forces and give people a place to live.

>I think it could be better regulated but it's better than any alternative I've heard, but those alternatives are few and far between because it's easier to tear something down then to build something new.

People don't want to listen to the socialized housing solution because they are scared of it, for some reason.


CADOMA t1_j9ktngp wrote

I love how long this response is without answering the question.

It cost me 10k to replace my HVAC. Let that sink in. That was why I avoided buying a home for years. Who shoulders that cost in your utopia?

I really want to know how the logistics of building an equitable free housing market. Because these are the issuea i came up with in about 5 minutes of thought.

Is maintenance covered in the cost of housing in your world?

Who gets the really nice house's? Is there some sort of lottery were unlucky people get shit? Or are we just talking about building Cabrini Green everywhere.

What happens to all of the existing rental properties? Do we buy them or just steal them from owners?

How do you deal with places like California where the citizens vote time and time again to stop multi home structure construction. The housing market there is garbage because the people won't allow apartments to be built.

Who gets Free housing? Do you have to qualify?

What happens to Airbnb?

I suspect this is why the most progressive countries in the world haven't adopted this concept. It's far better to regulate the rental business. The US does this poorly. Take more control and give it to the renters. Make sure that certain protections are enforced by law. Making it impossible for slumlords to profit or exist.

Also a basic income for those who need it would help retain the power of choice.


jaydub1001 t1_j9kvcq7 wrote

I see you have a lot of questions. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to answer them. It seems, however, you may be interested in finding them and you're not arguing in bad faith. If that's the case, I'd search for those answers from someone more knowledgeable than myself. Most of your questions are "who pays for it" and the answer is simple: we all do. We are already (most of us) paying for housing. What if we took away the investment aspect of it? Prices drop.

It shouldn't be a commodity and it should be a human right to be housed.

The other questions are about what to do with all the other properties. Well, I'm not sure. But, if you own the home you're living in then nothing should change. If you own 500 homes, then too bad.


mb10240 t1_j9av0nz wrote

Oh, that’s not what the poster is implying. They’re implying that it is wrong to buy property and rent it back for profit because they’re a commie.


AmcillaSB t1_j99b8nv wrote

Well, besides the obvious slumlords, Fidelity Property Management is fucking awful.


00112358132135 t1_j9amlu7 wrote

This made me laugh out loud. I came here thinking “surely Fidelity will be listed” but I didn’t think I’d be this right.

I’m currently renting with Fidelity, AMA. It’s a fucking nightmare. Ps: They are owned by OTC and they slumlord the area around OTC. Their main gig is denying tenants maintenance, the manager Fred Fox argues with every tenant instead of just helping them.

It’s amusing the lengths they will go to deny service. It probably costs them more constantly doing duct tape repairs. If they would just replace things correctly from the start they wouldn’t be so busy patching holes.

Fidelity can get bent HARD.


dumb-plant-bitch t1_j9ahwir wrote

I rented a house from them, the literal roof was falling in and molded, we had leaks coming in everywhere, and they did nothing to fix it. Definitely awful.


Ozarksmetalhead t1_j9a5qfz wrote

At home real estate. They actually perform illegal evictions through a pocket judge.


-Valued_Customer- t1_j9b7nu8 wrote

Damn, that sucks to hear…I’ve rented from them for years and they’ve always been really good about fixing things in a timely manner, but I’ve also been super fortunate not to have had any financial difficulties that could potentially result in eviction. Looks like I’ll have to keep up that lucky streak…


Alternative_Tax_3792 t1_j9a3bvq wrote

Cowherd construction. Left us with a hole in the roof that turned into a hole in the ceiling for 4 years. Zero communication, their point of contact staff acts like you are nothing but an inconvenience. When we moved out they upped the rent of the place by 500 bucks.


Amethoran t1_j9aoqh0 wrote

I had a friend who rented from Cowherd. He showed me some of the things they "fixed" it boggles my mind that anyone would even hire them as a constriction company let alone a landlord.


custardgoddess04 t1_j9e0toq wrote

I hate, hate, HATED this company. We had a leak in the tub, which a ring on our ceiling downstairs. The maintenance staff never assessed the plumbing in the tub itself instead they painted the ceiling. Obviously this didn't fix the leak, but I couldn't see the problem anymore.

When I moved out my roommate stayed at the apartment. I asked the lady at the desk if there was anything else I needed to do to be done with this property, because I was moving out of town and didn't want to come back for any technical bs for this property. She assured me that I was all clear. Fast forward a year and a half. I'm living in KC and I get a call from Cowhard saying they need me to drive from KC in between my 12 hour shifts to sign a piece of paper to release my half of the deposit.


wildweasel29 t1_j9a9f91 wrote

All of them.

Dont fall for the false class consciousness by thinking there are any good landlords.

They are all parasitic scum that profit off of other people's labor and most would gladly watch others freeze to death before opening their doors to them.


22TopShelf22 t1_j9b1f6w wrote

This sounds like someone that has no money and no job would say. Business are not charities. McDonald's does not feed homeless people and they have a lot more money and resources than any landlord in this town. You seriously expect them to give away their houses?


wildweasel29 t1_j9b1vea wrote

I don't expect them to give anything away.

I expect society to not allow such blatant exploitation and depravity.


22TopShelf22 t1_j9b6ubl wrote

So is it society or the land lord that are bad people, the enablers? You sound extremely entitled. Do you work?


wildweasel29 t1_j9befq5 wrote

Ah yes extremely entitled... because i believe everyone deserves shelter.


22TopShelf22 t1_j9bg1pp wrote

I appreciate your honesty. You should be thankful the working people pay taxes can live for free. You seem to be the real parasite here. The workers are simply.your host.


wildweasel29 t1_j9bhc07 wrote

An yes the parasite saying maybe we shouldn't let people freeze.


ThumYorky t1_j9bkb56 wrote

I mean, even with this frame of view landlords are still bad. They don’t work. They just own


the_honeyman t1_j9bo9bk wrote

You should be thankful the actual working people pay rent so you can have your house for free.


WendyArmbuster t1_j9d5mcp wrote

I don't think someone who bought a bunch of houses and rent them out for significantly more than their mortgage payment is really comparable to McDonald's. McDonald's takes raw food products and cooks them and packages them in a way that's convenient, and thus adds value. Landlords are more like people who buy McDonald's food and sell it for more than McDonald's charges to people who don't have a 750 credit score, while adding no value.


22TopShelf22 t1_j9dsvag wrote

So you act like land lords do nothing. Who think pays the mortgage when the tenants don't. Who pays the mortgage when the tenants trash the house? Who pays to fix a trashed house? I know a few landlords that work a lot and pay a lot of people to You can fix your credit score. Pay your bills on time and live with a budget. Try the Dave Ramsey course. People have low credit scores as a result.of not paying their bills on time. Its pretty simple.


WendyArmbuster t1_j9ew7pw wrote

>So you act like land lords do nothing.

No, I said they add no value. Leeches do something. They put effort into what they do, but they're still leeches.

>You can fix your credit score.

My credit score is perfect. I mean perfect. I get the lowest rates on everything. I've cultivated my credit score my whole life, deliberately. My investments are doing well. I'm not desperate, and that's why I'm not renting. It's true that the overall problem of low credit scores and financial illiteracy in America are as big of a problem as landlords, but the excessive rentals in Springfield is as big of a problem.

I will say that it's important to be able to rent when you need a house for less time than would make sense to buy in a particular location, and in that case landlords do add value, but our rental situation is such that the excessive rentals are screwing with housing prices, and it needs a correction. We have way too many in Springfield right now.


iced-macchiato t1_j9aiqky wrote

The Wooten Co is pretty awful.


Ipuncholdpeople t1_j9akyks wrote

They are so big and decentralized it's hard to generalize. I live in a wooten co apartment, and both my sibling used to as well. Some of them are shitty and some are pretty nice


arbitrarytrombone t1_j9axvy7 wrote

2/3 of my apartments were managed by Wooten. The first was acceptable for the part of town it was in and it was technically student living but it was still pretty crappy. The second I only lived in for 48 hours because they chose not to disclose the complex was infested with roaches. The apartment was in complete disrepair still and they had us move in while still painting and installing. Got all my money back but Wooten is sketchy asf if you don’t live directly in the middle of town.


iced-macchiato t1_j9aycl9 wrote

You are so lucky you got your money back! I had to pay $1,000 to break my lease even while not having hot water and a leak that was ruining my apartment.


arbitrarytrombone t1_j9b4dka wrote

There were some other factors that made them look bad too, I assume the only reason they didn’t fight me on it is because they weren’t up to snuff on their end. Very very lucky we found our place after. TLC properties is great!


dameavoi t1_j9apdd3 wrote

I have fam in Wooten properties and from their multi-yr experience, I'm surprised to see them on this list. They've been responsive and fair. The apartments they live in are in decent condition. I'd prob rank them middle of the pack after looking at this thread.


TheAmaryllis t1_j9b9uyg wrote

I rent from them and the particular property I'm in is awful. They don't keep up the building but rent keeps getting raised. Management is terrible and so is maintenance. I'm only still here because I can't afford to move.


iced-macchiato t1_j9fcldo wrote

That happened to me. My rent went up $100 one year when I lived in one of their properties. I complained nothing was getting fixed but rent was being raised. They told me it was because all the other housing prices were going up, not because they were making improvements. Well no duh.


trashchan333 t1_j9at77f wrote

I’ve lived in three different Wooten apartments, first one was kinda shitty but not that bad and the other two have been great, I’ve been living in my current one for three years. Maintenance is fast, landlord is fairly responsive. Walls are quite thin and I can hear the downstairs neighbors fucking a lot but that’s most apartments I think. Wooten truly is a hit or miss


iced-macchiato t1_j9aue0n wrote

Glad it’s been good for you. The property we lived in several years ago looked nice and the initial property manager was great. However, it went downhill after she left. They couldn’t find a new property manager the entire year after. We lived with leaks from our upstairs neighbors for months and it ruined a wall in our apartment because without a manager they couldn’t schedule maintenance. The phone was never answered. I had to go down to the central office on Seminole to tell them the wall was literally soaking wet and we had a giant puddle on our floor. We also lived without hot water for several months in the winter. Worst experience I’ve ever had in an apartment complex. To move out I had to go to another apartment complex and tell them to let the Wooten Co know we were leaving. Then they took 5 months to process our move out.


trashchan333 t1_j9av9ta wrote

I feel that, the first apartment I had from Wooten the bathtub backed up and wouldn’t drain and it took two weeks to get someone out to fix it, I had to dredge the tub before I could shower and it ended up growing some mold in the bathroom from the moisture


jonjonjay t1_j9fkgxy wrote

Been with them a year now. Nothing but good things to say.

They're human so I'm sure there's bad experiences to be had but I'd recommend them


goldencrisp t1_j9a7pzs wrote

Hunter Property Management should be avoided at all costs


DeathCait t1_j9a7dra wrote

Carlson Properties. While they leave us alone and didn’t require a pet deposit and rent is cheap , the place is literally falling apart. The back of the house is literally hanging off in pieces that he won’t fix. We’ve got black mold now from the leaks. The floor is sinking into the middle of the house. We’re out of here as soon as we can afford to leave. It seems like most of Springfield’s landlords are the worst.


Pretty_Web_3399 t1_j9adwki wrote

There is someone you can report this too. I just woke up so I’m unable to remember who lol but yeah


EredarLordJaraxxus t1_j9aw4zv wrote

Hunter Property Management. They'll try to evict you if you are so much as 5 days late with your rent, due process be damned, and they hike the rent up every year


TechnoAnachronism t1_j9c2zrh wrote

Oh boy, I have a story about the owner. He talked to me like a dog, not realizing I was recording him.


birbgurl819 t1_j99hxnv wrote



DanceHolic t1_j9b13y2 wrote

Reasons pls? We rent a Turnkey’s property and they don’t seem to us at all bad, so I’m curious :)


birbgurl819 t1_j9cebh4 wrote

When I rented from them, which was almost 4 years ago, I had just gone through a difficult breakup and needed to move asap. I rented a tiny 1 bedroom apartment from them. When I toured the property, it was clear that it still needed some work, which they promised to complete before my move in date. The issues seemed minor at the time - the kitchen sink needed replaced, carpet needed professionally cleaned, a window AC unit needed to be installed, and all of this was disclosed to me and I was assured it would be finished before I moved in. I went ahead and paid the deposit and prepared to move in less than a month ( about 3 weeks from the time I was approved, I think.) Move in day comes and what do you know - none of the issues had been fixed. In fact, the apartment looked worse than it did the day I looked at it. Despite needing out of the messy breakup living situation, I held off on moving my stuff and contacted them. I told them I had two days at most and it needed taken care of. They apologized and said it would be done. Two days pass, it wasn’t done. Still no functioning kitchen sink, still no AC unit (this was in June), and the carpet looked like it had been shampooed by a 5 year old. In fact, it was still somewhat damp and smelled horrible. It was a weekend and I couldn’t get ahold of them, but it was the only day I had a truck to move, so out of desperation I went ahead and moved my stuff in, cleaned it to the best of my ability, set up several fans, and tried to make it work. It took several days to actually get a maintenance guy over there, and when he did get there he didn’t have a key to get in. He blew up my phone at work and I actually had to leave work early to let the dude in to install the AC. The kitchen sink was an ongoing issue and took about 2 months before it actually functioned. I’m sure you’re wondering about the carpet… well, not only did it look and smell disgusting, it was also infested with both fleas and bed bugs. I had to show them a literal bed bug in a ziplock bag before they did anything about it, because the photos of bites all over my skin weren’t enough. They eventually replaced the carpet entirely, but it took quite some time. A few other issues they didn’t disclose to me:

A serious mouse infestation. Black mold. The oven was a fire hazard - the extremely outdated temperature knob didn’t work properly so it overheated and almost burned the place down. And when the winter months came, I also discovered the furnace was completely shot and didn’t work at all.

It was a literal nightmare from the day I moved in til the day I moved out.


Stat_Sock t1_j9anom7 wrote

Oakridge properties, they've even been in the news recently


Low_Tourist t1_j9as3ef wrote

I'm not sure how they fly under the radar. All of their properties are in disrepair


Stat_Sock t1_j9avxrj wrote

When I moved out of one of their properties, the Manager that did my walkout (nicest woman) openly said the owner is a slum Lord


BrilliantFunny3943 t1_j99zx5s wrote

Springfield development company apartments, stay far away


Deceptivejunk t1_j9a2mja wrote

Cannot stress this enough. This company is extremely transparent in that they only care about money


OldRepresentative417 t1_j9ielgc wrote

I knew I’d find them here. My apartment had black mold and management was horrendous. They’ll screw you out of your deposit as well.


BrilliantFunny3943 t1_j9jip75 wrote

Yup they stole mine and said I owed them, which was bs, still haven't paid them


tye1984 t1_j99dm57 wrote

Wilhoite will take care of a property, but they are like Nazis to deal with


boojuh_43 t1_j99zadr wrote

Total opposite in my experience. Take forever to get anything fixed but haven’t had issues with management.


tye1984 t1_j9a5ukc wrote

The property manager in the complex I lived in was actually trying to dictate were I placed my furniture. And walked in on me unannounced once right as I was walking out of the shower. I was beyond pissed


Starportalskye t1_j9akw78 wrote

That should be illegal that also happened to me I was putting clothes on and the maintenance used a key to open my door as I was getting ready.


tye1984 t1_j9ali1x wrote

Technically it is illegal. They are supposed to give you 24 hours notice unless it's an emergency.


Aggressive_Soup_9427 t1_j9ame9t wrote

My uncle owns a lot of property in Springfield and he’s a nice guy if anyone needs a recommendation just PM me.


jackie_wiggiwoo t1_j9cf481 wrote

Barrett Fisk. His mother was on the Springfield Council and also owns Fisk Limo. He owns several properties that need to be condemned. He rents them and promises to fix the issues or have tenants fix and “will pay them back” We owned a home next to one and it was horrible.


randomradomski t1_j99i9gp wrote

I tried to look at a house rental once with some guy named Frank. I don't remember the company name but all the reviews said he was awful. He wanted to run a background check before even showing me a property and was super stand offish on the phone and he never even got back to me.


Starportalskye t1_j9al4ct wrote

Be careful there are scams related to paying for background and paperwork before looking at the house. People can make an extra 20k a year on it depending on their renting location. So college areas, downtown etc.


Amethoran t1_j9apa8k wrote

PPMC is a joke to rent from. Idk if they are still a thing or not. But never again.


Massysmom t1_j9fvkyz wrote

Seems okay


Amethoran t1_j9fvu6k wrote

To each their own. I had a bad experience with them and won't use them again.


Professional-Middle1 t1_j99isrm wrote

G n J! Do not rent from them if at all possible wouldn't fix up thing for us


MCLand t1_j9vishn wrote

I agree with they don't really fix things...

Ex: 1. one of our windows began leaking a few years back and they sent someone who supposedly patched it. Recently the top inside of the frame began falling in the room. They came back and sealed the outside only without exploring or addressing whatever's happening inside the wall. It's like a ticking time bomb.

  1. The owner decided some trees were too close to the house so hired someone to cut them, who left the stumps untreated. Despite telling them, they haven't done more so guess I'm stuck trimming suckers forever or having to somehow treat the stumps myself.

  2. For years I told them the furnace filter grates were inaccessible, someone painted over the screws and they don't have quick-releases. 3x they promised to look into it. We've lived here 5 yrs now. Only recently did I discover the filters live deep up inside my furnace, almost inaccessible, and changing them puts me in contact with fiberglass I cuts my arm on sharp sheet metal. I let G&J know and they said they'd charge us to change the filters and had no further responses once I let them know I'd changed them myself (though provided photos, video, and explanation of how difficult it is). (YouTube search furnace filter Rheem Criterion II to see what I mean).

They're very hands-off. We've luckily had to call them incredibly infrequently and they don't bother us much. Only started annual inside/outside inspections this last year.

Aside from the above maintenance things, I like them.


xCaptx t1_j9a4wjk wrote

Somerset LLC. An absolute witch.


WendyArmbuster t1_j9a50b8 wrote

The guy who owns the property next door to me. Have somebody rake the leaves, you a-hole! Two years in a row the tenant hasn't raked the leaves, and now they're blown into matted piles, the grass is all dead, big limbs six inches in diameter are fallen all over the yard, his back yard smells like the piles of dog shit that are everywhere.


MCLand t1_j9vjs7j wrote

Come on now, that hero is single-handedly saving the whole city's native insect populations

I'm only half being sarcastic here... raking leaves rather than leaving them does harm insect populations. Maybe go talk to them and see if they need help or assistance? if it bothers you this much..., it doesn't seem to bother them. (Please don't pull a Karen and call the city/cops)


WendyArmbuster t1_j9vzd4q wrote

I'm not helping that guy with anything. When he moved in there was a woman and a 2 year old kid, but he would cuss her so loudly in their back yard that we could hear it inside our house. Sometimes he would cuss her from inside the house and we could hear it plain as day in our yard. Trash. She has since left, which I'm thankful for.


headbangin1 t1_j9bjik3 wrote

Xtra Property Mamagment. My god they're a nightmare.


montreal83 t1_j9cv1a1 wrote

Madison Place landlord


Fur_Artist t1_j9e0mnt wrote

Residential or commercial??


Axissurfer t1_j9am8z2 wrote

There are a lot more bad tenants than bad landlords.