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AmcillaSB t1_j99b8nv wrote

Well, besides the obvious slumlords, Fidelity Property Management is fucking awful.


00112358132135 t1_j9amlu7 wrote

This made me laugh out loud. I came here thinking “surely Fidelity will be listed” but I didn’t think I’d be this right.

I’m currently renting with Fidelity, AMA. It’s a fucking nightmare. Ps: They are owned by OTC and they slumlord the area around OTC. Their main gig is denying tenants maintenance, the manager Fred Fox argues with every tenant instead of just helping them.

It’s amusing the lengths they will go to deny service. It probably costs them more constantly doing duct tape repairs. If they would just replace things correctly from the start they wouldn’t be so busy patching holes.

Fidelity can get bent HARD.


dumb-plant-bitch t1_j9ahwir wrote

I rented a house from them, the literal roof was falling in and molded, we had leaks coming in everywhere, and they did nothing to fix it. Definitely awful.