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Hey there! I haven't been a Springfield resident for long. I need to get a safety inspection for my car to get the tags renewed. Google hasn't been super useful as it's mainly been bringing up businesses that do brake inspections not not state safety inspections. Where do you recommend getting a car inspection done?




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Leth1k t1_j9a91qu wrote

Pretty much any shop in town can do an inspection for tags! If you’re unsure just call shops and ask them!


throwaway_springmo t1_j9a9v26 wrote

Interstate Auto. Super quick in and out, you sit in the car for most of it!


Cloud_Disconnected t1_j9aqvta wrote

Mitchem on Campbell or Bob's Automotive on Enterprise are where I've had the best luck getting in.


sgf-guy t1_j9e43xg wrote

I go to Route 66 auto on St Louis St.

I also get most of my repairs done there. I know the general standards as posted on the Highway Patrol page so I seek out the standards before needing an inspection but mine have always turned out well.

Lotta folks shit on inspections and I get it, but most of it is legit vehicle safety.


kc0thn t1_j9adkql wrote

Stewart's automotive on commercial st


Macusriley t1_j9bmn6s wrote

Pep boys are open later than most places and they do walk ins


indiefab t1_j9c476o wrote

Any Big O tire will get you in and out quick.


ehmbyt t1_j9c60gn wrote

i’ll be honest i’ve been having pretty bad luck with big o tires recently - maybe they’re better with inspections but they really screwed me over when i got new tires (north glenstone location specifically) it took over 4 hours and they forgot to balance the tires so i had to take it back and wait another 2 to get it sorted out.


indiefab t1_j9c9y5u wrote

Yikes. I’m near the W Republic Rd location and they’ve always done a good job on the 4 sets I’ve bought. My FJ Cruiser tires stay balanced which isn’t easy.


iced-macchiato t1_j9f4x5z wrote

Big O told me “my headlights were too dim to pass” and then said they couldn’t fix them. Went to ORilley to replace them and the guy working said they looked fine. I took my car somewhere else and paid again for an inspection and they passed it. Yeah I don’t have LED headlights but geez.


telxonhacker t1_j9mgo0t wrote

Someone either didn't know what they were talking about, or was trying to pull one over on you. I'd wager he didn't know, versus he was trying to rip you off.

Here is the official checklist from the state DPS. It does not mention headlights being too dim. If you want to read the whole 59 page manual, Here it is. (headlights are on page 22 to 23)


bradleysballs t1_j9f214g wrote

All-Pro Automotive by Fun Acre is the way