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disturbed_beaver t1_j9bsrx4 wrote

Keep your car doors locked and no valuables in sight. A lot of car thefts and things stolen from cars in the area. I live across the street from you. Also get used to people setting off fireworks at random hours of the night all year in the neighborhood. I suppose since we are just outside of the city limits there are no real rules on it.


spiderj904 OP t1_j9bsxi9 wrote

That's funny you bring that up I heard fireworks yesterday lol.


perpetualhousecat t1_j9f5rnh wrote

For some reason there’s this misconception that downtown is super dangerous. It isn’t. I’m a smaller female, and I frequented it several times a week when I lived in SGF. There’s some really cool bars, Golden Girl Rum Club is a must, Sweetboys, and Vantage to name a few. The breweries are also worth checking out! I used to do to jiu jitsu at Kokoro, they have an awesome dojo if you’re looking for a new hobby! Some really cool people there too if you’re looking to meet people! Springfield is a special place, hope you enjoy!


TurtleSoup58 t1_j9bnm42 wrote

Frequent law enforcement activity around the complex/area


KTfl1 t1_j9bil18 wrote

Welcome to Springfield!


Impressive-Dot-275 t1_j9bq3f0 wrote

Pretty much do usual just keep your doors locked don’t ever leave your front door of your apartment unlocked. I’m not necessarily saying Springfield is dangerous, but just watch your surroundings but overall Springfield’s not horrible.


azzyisjazzy t1_j9bdt8c wrote

Are you looking for information about Springfield or about your apartment?


spiderj904 OP t1_j9be9ke wrote

How about both? I'm new to the entire area and the apartment. Didn't know if anybody had any experience with the complex that would like to share.


azzyisjazzy t1_j9bhdrw wrote

I don't have any experience with the complex, but I can tell you about the area. Downtown tends to be where most of the fun is at. There's art walk, artsfest, cider days, and other events throughout the year. Lots of good places to eat around town. The northside is pretty run down, but you live southwest so you might not end up seeing much of that side of town. We're a college town, we have a high homeless population. Anything in particular you want to know other than that?


mcdrunkin t1_j9e6c8k wrote

Run. Just, run. Just kidding. Springfields pretty mellow just remember it is a city.


Anonymous-Turtle-25 t1_j9em6vb wrote

Avoid Downtown/MSU campus at night if you can (or the North side in general).

Other than that heres some things to do Try cashew chicken (yum yum bowl is my personal fav) During the summer/warmer days go to Nathaniel Greene park, very great place to enjoy nature and escape (also during summer days they have a free butterfly house. Its the only free butterfly house in the state so if ur gf likes butterflies I would highly reccomend) Fun acre is a cheap mini golf course and batting cages if you want something fun to do for cheap (3$ a person for 9 holes I believe and .25¢ for 5 swings) Hammons field where the Springfield Cardinals play is a great place to go watch some pro sports (Double A affiliate of the STL Cardinals) Jordan Valley ice park is right next to Hammons field and you can go ice skating there or watch hockey depending on the day 1984 in downtown (classic arcade) Lamberts Cafe (in Ozark but still fun) Missouri Sports hall of fame Silver Dollar City in Branson is not too far and very fun. The mall is an obv thing to do (small mall tho so don’t expect like a multistory supermall)

Theres plenty of other stuff to do but idk your interest and hobbies so i’ll leave that research up to you


bradleysballs t1_j9eujg2 wrote

You can definitely go to downtown and the MSU campus at night lol what are you talking about? People on here act like it’s downtown St. Louis


disturbed_beaver t1_j9h3n76 wrote

I'm not even worried about walking around downtown St Louis at night. Generally, if you don't start no shit there won't be no shit.


Anonymous-Turtle-25 t1_ja00buh wrote

I worked near downtown and msu for multiple years. I usually got off work at midnight and ive seen too many dangerous situations to consider them places i’d rather not go to at night alone. Downvote me all you want, but Spfd being a top 10 Violent Crime city per 100k people in recent years does mean there are dangerous areas that you should at least be careful in.


bradleysballs t1_ja7raew wrote

or maybe you should realize your anecdotal experience is not reality? one look at the downvotes and upvotes on your thread should give you a pretty good idea that you might be wrong


Anonymous-Turtle-25 t1_jad2d6k wrote

I guess suddenly stats are overturned by majority opinion (appeal to majority)? Everyone I speak too feels the same way about downtown and MSU. Note that a majority of people on reddit are a significant minority of the people in and around spfd so to use their majority beliefs as the majority springfield belief is not accurate in any way (political example: majority of people on here are blue voters while green county went red in the last two elections by 16%+)