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EcoAffinity t1_j9th0i8 wrote

Every quote from Arnott in this article was just cruel and thinly veiled threats. He clearly knows nothing about the Connecting Grounds (Love's church) since he claimed she should open her church to the homeless if she cares so much. They have. They've suspended their in-person services instead to turn the space into housing for families

He's just a far-Right fucking asshole.


Ipuncholdpeople t1_j9tn5eh wrote

> He's just a far-Right fucking asshole.

Bit redundant, but agreed


AmcillaSB t1_j9ud1wm wrote

According to news reports, Sheriff Jim Arnott of Greene County, Missouri, has been tied to far-right extremist groups and ideologies. Arnott has reportedly attended events organized by far-right groups and shared content on social media that promotes far-right political views.

The controversy surrounding Arnott began in 2020 when he attended a rally organized by a far-right group in Springfield, Missouri. At the rally, he reportedly spoke to the crowd and expressed his support for the group's anti-immigration and anti-government views. Arnott later defended his attendance, saying that he was there to show support for law enforcement officers.

In addition to his attendance at the rally, Arnott has been criticized for sharing content on social media that promotes far-right views. He has shared posts that criticize the Black Lives Matter movement, express anti-Muslim sentiment, and support former President Donald Trump.

Arnott has denied being a far-right extremist and has said that he supports the Constitution and the rule of law. However, his ties to far-right groups and his promotion of far-right views have raised concerns among some members of the community.


mr_try-hard t1_j9x8fav wrote


conkiejoe t1_j9tcjh0 wrote

Exactly WHY, do the GCSD not require body cameras, for the safety of the public and the officers? I feel like that should just be a part of the uniform. Badge, gun, radio, body cam etc.


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Why_T t1_j9tugrd wrote

Don't you mean malfunction whenever it's convenient? Turning them off would be negligent.... /s


Strong_heart57 t1_j9taasw wrote

I've come to the conclusion that Arnott is simply a prick.


the_honeyman t1_j9thh98 wrote

Absolute fucking clown. Pulling out the "oPeN yOuR sPaCe FoR tHeM" card at Christie Love, of all people?


kernelpanic789 t1_j9tjav1 wrote

He made his bones busting minors with alcohol... I think that would turn anyone into a prick, if they didn't flop out of their mother's womb already a prick (which Jim Arnott most certainly did.)


SirBonafarte_ OP t1_j9t9aw0 wrote

TL:DR The Sheriff says deputies only helped the property owner make piles of the belongings but did not ignite the fires. He knows who did but will not say for their safety.


Mysteroo t1_j9tq75q wrote

Wait so someone 100% DID ignite piles of other people's belongings on fire, and then rather than pursuing legal action against that person - the sherriff is protecting their identity? Why - because the victims were trespassing?

Either he's lying about the fact that the deputies didn't burn it, or he's protecting a literal arsonist


SirBonafarte_ OP t1_j9tr6w0 wrote

Whoever did it the sheriff believes was legally allowed to. My guess is the landowner set the fires.


Xyvir t1_j9u20rz wrote

If I had to surmise further, ole Jimmy-boy suggested the landowner do it.

"I can't legally burn the piles, but I won't stop you from doing so Mr landowner"


MOF1fan t1_j9te2vv wrote

He gets caught. His response is whoever took the video trespassed and we will arrest you too. Sounds about par for the course for him.


cock_a_doodle_dont t1_j9u23x3 wrote

Like trespassing is even a serious offense!


MOF1fan t1_j9u5y28 wrote

Apparently serious enough to burn all your belongings for


cock_a_doodle_dont t1_j9u6btw wrote

That's not a consequence as defined by the law, just a predatory victimization of vulnerable people. If you came into my yard and i burned what property you had, i would be charged with my own crime.


XzallionTheRed t1_j9wz5mr wrote

Plenty of places that will get you shot, legally or not.


benutne t1_j9tg1jx wrote

"We have empathy" says the man who clearly lacks any at all. Even the Springfield Police hate the GCSD, so that must tell you something.


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the_honeyman t1_j9ti26n wrote

SPD hates them because they're bigoted pieces of shit. Go talk to literally anybody who's skin is darker than yours about which cars make them more worried.

Lmao I'm blocked now. Aw shucks. Gotta love when the people who call others snowflakes loudest melt at the slightest hint of confrontation.


FriendshipIntrepid91 t1_j9trjho wrote

Are you implying that the county arrests minorities at a higher rate than the city?


EcoAffinity t1_j9ts5fw wrote

That's a leap lol. They said ask minorities which car makes them more worried. Being pulled over or treated in a certain manner doesn't get captured in arrest numbers.

I'm sure you were going to try to pull arrest numbers and demographics from the county, but dwb is a bit more nuanced than that.


Dbol504 t1_j9tsx5y wrote

"KOLR10 has requested body cam footage from deputies but the Greene County Sheriff’s Office says it does not use body cameras."

I wish I was shocked. Can't have your local redneck SS force with proof of their activities.


HoboScabs t1_j9ugths wrote

Sounds like people need to record every interaction with them. Protect yourself and know your rights because these cops have no idea that you even have any.


mrsdex1 t1_j9thl53 wrote

Just a gentle reminder, one of his former minions is running for Springfield Mayor. She had to quit her GCSO job to take on the unpaid Mayorial position.

Melanie Bach.


00112358132135 t1_j9tj5iz wrote

For a second I misread and thought she had a CSGO job and I’m thinking that’s tight good for her.


disturbed_beaver t1_j9tjesk wrote

That explains why Galloway is so against any new development.


cock_a_doodle_dont t1_j9u1xgw wrote

Nobody on the entire south side wants Galloway developed


VaderTower t1_j9u5i8x wrote

South side resident here.

I do.


cock_a_doodle_dont t1_j9u5reu wrote


VaderTower t1_j9u6uz1 wrote

I'm well aware.

However you said "nobody on the entire south side". Which is a false statement because I, a Southside resident, am for the development.


Low_Tourist t1_j9v64zr wrote

I don't have any love for her, but our current mayor isn't exactly independent either


mrsdex1 t1_j9v6owm wrote

Agreed, Springfield gonna have to choose the lessor of two evils.


elaborate_hoxha t1_j9tvvn7 wrote

So this is a glaring and MASSIVE failure by the mayor and city council (and their predecessors) to address this problem. This city council has paid lip service and ignored Christi and Connecting Grounds. And Arnott has the gall to say put people in her parking lot. SHE IS! And has for a long time and even her own home.

The current Sheriff, city council and mayor have got to go. Talk about kicking the can down the road. The new jail is full before they open. Ridiculous! And there are more and more people living on the streets everyday. It’s madness, and we keep giving them money for these useless punitive measures. It will not solve the problem!

Make funding available for (social, medical/mental health)services and low income housing in this area and the issues with homelessness and “criminals” will cease to be such a massive issue. And stick with it. Preventative not punitive.

Raise people up instead of kicking them when they’re down!


VaderTower t1_j9u615r wrote

The city has done a lot with Cristi. They've even set up a whole procedure for police to call the one cal number to have volunteers come out and assist homeless encampments 24-48 hours before they are removed.

Springfield isn't Greene county. The Sheriff is only controlled by the voters of Greene county. The Springfield city council and mayor have absolutely 100% no control over what the Sheriff does, and would be out of line if they started telling him what he should or could be doing.

Does the sheriff suck? Yup. But we continue to vote him in every few years.

As for how to solve homelessness. You're right we do need those measures in place, the problem as always, is we need to figure out how to pay for them. Either you take money from another program, or you tax the city/county. The city doesn't just have coffers of cash, like almost all organizations they run pretty budget neutral, as they should.


hystericallymad t1_j9w2e1e wrote

I have this crazy idea, and it doesn't involve buying a baseball park...


22TopShelf22 t1_j9vkwc5 wrote

It will never be enough for the nimbys here. They would like to treat the homeless, many of who aren't from here, better than the law abiding, tax paying citizens. They're not able to realize that without law abiding, tax paying citizens that helping them at all would not be possible.
If I owned land, I would not want a homeless encampment on it. Who would, except for the nimbys here?


hystericallymad t1_j9w2oej wrote

Do... Do you know? No. No I don't think you do. Tell us all, what is nimby. I already know. But I don't believe you do


XzallionTheRed t1_j9wzql7 wrote

Understand they know what NIMBY stands for, but it also applies to people that don't own the land and aren't offering it themselves. As in "Sure encamp on so-and-so's land, its not hurting anyone" while you don't have a yard, or give a homeless person room in a spare bedroom. Everyones free with other peoples backyard, while not in theirs. I don't want them in my backyard, and neither would they if they have ever had to put up with it.


the_honeyman t1_j9z01df wrote

We want them to be treated like human beings. Period. Your exaggerated, condescending attempts to paint people who want other people to be treated like people are as transparent as your attempts to make advocates out as naive idealists.

Go peddle your bullshit somewhere else, or come be a part of the solution. As it stands, you're the dude standing in the middle of the road bitching about cars wanting special treatment.


22TopShelf22 t1_j9zw53h wrote

So, let me get this right, I'm being insulted by a homeless person because I don't think they have the right to.go onto.other people's property and act like they own it.


22TopShelf22 t1_j9zwlqf wrote

Get a job. Stop doing drugs. Get your life together. You're putting words in my mouth so you can be a victim. I never said homeless people weren't people, you did. What gives homeless people the right to live on someone else's property? Ditching used needles and leaving it to look like a landfill? And the land owner that doesn't allow it is a bad person? Get real buddy


the_honeyman t1_j9zze7f wrote

Make more assumptions. Exaggerate more. It really brings out the clown in your makeup.


22TopShelf22 t1_ja03mrt wrote

Lolz. Thanks for the laugh. Its not too late to turn your life around and be a productive member of society.


the_honeyman t1_ja05zsh wrote

You mean I could grow up to be just like you?!


22TopShelf22 t1_ja07yhg wrote

I'm going to have to get back to work and check out of this waste of time. I honestly do wish the best for you and hope you're able to turn things around. Ffs were probably sitting next to each other right now.


Low_Tourist t1_j9vht60 wrote

We need more mid range housing in the area. Not low income and not the luxury apartments. The problem is that these midrange places are like "2 bedrooms? I have 2 bedrooms! I can charge $1700 too!" even though they don't have the amenities or finishes of the newer places.


22TopShelf22 t1_j9vl1yd wrote

The mid range housing would go on the north side st the development the nimbys up north are fighting!!! The need is great, but even north siders think they're too good for modest housing!!!


the_honeyman t1_j9z0fs1 wrote

Lmao you're a real piece of work. The reason homeless services go on the north side is because we haven't lost all semblance of humanity up here while still pretending to be better than everyone else. Keep your pretentious ass and your rose smelling bullshit far away from the actual human beings who just want to help.


Longwell2020 t1_j9uae87 wrote

I wonder if anyone at the aclu would take up this cause?


WorldFoods t1_j9u6vlv wrote

Does anyone know the legality of this now that we know all the details? Does the landowner have the right to burn the belongings of other people if it’s on their property? (I don’t believe it’s morally right — I’m just curious as to whether there can be legal action.)


_ism_ t1_j9uim1l wrote

i'm curious about trash fires in city limits, isn't that illegal? has anyone asked the fire department if they got calls about this? the stories keep mentioning a brand new propane heater being part of the burned property for example. i'm almost wondering if someone at the fire department was nearby and in on it, y know?


Cold417 t1_j9uqvfp wrote

Taking a video would only be trespassing if there were signs clearly posted or the person filming had been lawfully trespassed.

Dude knows his audience, and by his statement he definitely doesn't consider the people struggling as his citizens.


Flat-Sun-5134 t1_j9w7ibn wrote

We should be able to figure out the location and land owner?


bigjj79 t1_j9wet7w wrote

Trespassing could get you shot.


bigjj79 t1_j9wfhv2 wrote

Lots of jobs available. So many homeless…. Lots of jobs available….so many homeless (which are bussed in here from elsewhere)….such a drug problem….


Same-You-6523 t1_j9wldv8 wrote

Who tf hires the homeless? Nobody. You will not get hired if they know you are homeless.


the_honeyman t1_j9z0mc2 wrote

>bussed in

Evidence? Photos? A single news article?

Nah, just more bullshit being spread to demonize people just trying to survive.


22TopShelf22 t1_j9vk9zy wrote

Hello nimbys. If a bunch of homeless people took over your back yard, you would probably dispose of their shit that they left behind. Move them all into.your house for a year and let's talk. Otherwise quit being hypocrites.


[deleted] t1_j9tgra5 wrote



gigermuse t1_j9tub2b wrote

I don't know why all the down votes but I agree. I own 15 acres and you best believe that if someone decides to set up camp they get ONE warning to move on, then imma do what I want to make them go.


22TopShelf22 t1_j9vlabf wrote

The nimbys hate people here that own anything and won't allow free use to anyone else, especially homeless wrong with them


gigermuse t1_ja0m8ic wrote

Ikr! Because I'm totally sure all these people upset over this would be 100% cool with coming home from work one day to find there front door kicked in, a few people sitting around there home eating all there food, trash all over the place, and the few people hanging out using there bedspread as a litterbox.


[deleted] t1_j9tum2v wrote



erichkutslilpp t1_j9txavi wrote


  1. willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one's own; open to new ideas.

  2. relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.

They aren't liberals. Quit calling them that.


whattheduce86 t1_j9tyw4m wrote

All these people complaining about this should open their yards, homes, and any properties y’all own to let the homeless disrespectful people live on camp, and trash their property that they own! I bet that won’t happen though.


Any_League_1831 t1_j9u0q5k wrote


We ALL live on earth. Their make shift homes are just that. HOMES.

Sorry you have money and resources to ensure your safety. Maybe remember some of us were thrown into situations we couldnt and still cannot control.


FriendshipIntrepid91 t1_j9v3jol wrote

Can the people without homes try not to produce so much trash they cover an entire field with it?


whattheduce86 t1_j9u2ljx wrote

Some choose to be or choose to do drugs instead of something to help themselves. Does that means they need to trespass on private property and destroy land that isn’t theirs?


cock_a_doodle_dont t1_j9u28up wrote

Who says we don't do that already? Shut the fuck up


FriendshipIntrepid91 t1_j9v38k1 wrote

Because you don't. Simple as that.


cock_a_doodle_dont t1_j9v3dje wrote

I most certainly do, asshole


FriendshipIntrepid91 t1_j9v6sbe wrote

I've been living in a car for awhile so if you've got an extra room I'll gladly take you up on it.


the_honeyman t1_j9v4lck wrote

I like to imagine this is Christie Love's burner account that she uses to unleash her pent up rage on the idiots that make her job harder.


whattheduce86 t1_j9u2dyp wrote

I’d you were then why is there a need for the sheriff to have to kick these people off of private property?


cock_a_doodle_dont t1_j9u2kgi wrote

There isn't a need for that, the sheriff is a piece of shit


whattheduce86 t1_j9u2x5t wrote

So you’re saying the people who trespass and have no respect for peoples property aren’t doing anything wrong and the owners should just willing give up what they used their money to buy?


cock_a_doodle_dont t1_j9u3lc8 wrote

I'm saying you're a moron and aren't smart enough to trap me in your silly little game here. What you're asking me to do is help you justify either destruction of the personal property or defense of private property. What's happening is one large group of people are now suffering (more than they already were!) because one prison was inconvenienced. The answer isn't as simple as your little mind wishes it was, but it's certainly not in making it illegal to be homeless.

If you're so god dammed concerned, why don't you open your house? i bet you've never fed the homeless or worked in any kind of mission or community service group at all, ever


whattheduce86 t1_j9u4ltd wrote

Typical answer for someone who isn’t very smart! It’s illegal to trespass no matter who it is. Similar to the idiots who try to live on houses that don’t belong to them and burn them down. If you were smarter you might understand that the property owner is responsible for anything that happens on their property! I bet you don’t own any property or you would understand!

I don’t give a shit where the homeless go so long as it isn’t somewhere I’m responsible for their actions. Maybe you should have told the city to not spend millions buying that stadium and instead spend it on the homeless. Why would I volunteer my time to help those who are not even willing to help themselves?


cock_a_doodle_dont t1_j9u4qjq wrote

You're incredibly stupid and i am embarrassed for you


jonjonjay t1_j9uq4dr wrote

You answered by not answering. As long as your not inconvenienced it's all good


mr_try-hard t1_j9xblvp wrote

Yes, bc a minority of YIMBY homeowners and landowners offering space for homeless people solves everything. /s

Never mind the fact that so. many. people. are losing the opportunity to own land or a home as rent, housing prices, and interest rates skyrocket. It’s all just passing the buck instead of taking it on collectively and being responsible for the community and not just ourselves.


the_honeyman t1_j9ucn9i wrote

That's the single most idiotic response you can have when people start talking about homelessness. Thanks for showing the world you have the critical thinking skills of a thimble.