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Stat_Sock t1_jafm63r wrote

Your best bet is downtown or c street, most of the bars if they have food, will have kitchens open till like 10-11, and last call is usually around 1:30am. I second Mud Lounge in terms of cozy vibes and good drinks, just not a lot of food just like charcuterie stuff


MartonianJ t1_jafrdo1 wrote

Lindbergh’s might fit this vibe, though I don’t know how late they are open in the middle of the week.


mutantxproud t1_jag3elx wrote

There is always SOMEONE sitting at the bar at Taphouse reading a book and I live for it. Great place.


Upper_Case_655 t1_jahnjyz wrote

This bar is NOT LGBTQIA+ friendly.


helloporator t1_jahuhkg wrote

Can u give me details pls I was considering booking a drag show here


Upper_Case_655 t1_jahw3c6 wrote

The owner and his current girlfriend are confirmed Nazis. Search their names on Google. Or PM me for my story with them both.


mutantxproud t1_jai0fmp wrote

This is 100% not true. The man in question is no longer affiliated with 417Taphouse (and hasn't been for well over a year) The owner is extremely LGBT friendly and is in no way affiliated with anything you've mentioned. In fact they are currently working on getting many inclusive events started. Please do some research before speaking out against a beloved local business.


mutantxproud t1_jai1032 wrote

SEVERAL staff are members of the LGBTQA+ community. Several. The bar features flags of support for all. Extremely inclusive as a result of the hard work they've put in to negate incorrect opinions such as this.


Upper_Case_655 t1_jai4vt7 wrote

Do you work for them?


mutantxproud t1_jai5lzn wrote

Sure don't. Just a regular. You can argue all you want but obviously you haven't been and don't know anything about the place. I just hate to see a hardworking business talked down about things that aren't true.


Upper_Case_655 t1_jai7egy wrote

With all due respect I went to school with his girlfriend. She only dates nazis. I know of him and her very well. Feel free to PM me however, last I knew he was the current owner. Maybe you have more insight than I do. I’d be willing to delete my comment if it’s proved he is not the owner anymore and they are not still dating.


Upper_Case_655 t1_jai8zas wrote

As of December 2022 he was still the owner. I just checked with my friend who worked with their pedal tours at the time.


Any-Fault-8382 t1_jaj6ban wrote

Dublins. The new one on E Battlefield. Way calmer and ambient than downtown