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Tiny_Fly_7397 t1_jahz2uz wrote

She’s the worst and I’m glad to see her go. I know a lot of teachers and apparently she has a habit of showing up unannounced at parent teacher conferences, barging into classrooms and taking pictures, all without revealing that she’s a board member (huge no no)


cdkzfw t1_jai1ch3 wrote

FYI still on the school board, just no longer Vice President.


Miserable_Figure7876 t1_jaiqp92 wrote

She was definitely removed for cause.

And additionally, it's disgusting to hear people like her and Byrne claim that they're trying to keep kids away from adults with agendas while they're going on conservative talk radio and podcasts and ranting about "woke culture" and CRT.


00112358132135 t1_jahrlrm wrote

> According to the Springfield News-Leader, during an exercise run by the director of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Burrell Behavior Health, Marquisa “Keke” Rover, encouraged students to quietly reflect on their experiences with racial trauma by closing their eyes and raising their hands.

>Rover reported to the students that ‘most hands went up’ which Mohammadkhani challenged saying it was only just a part of the room.

Report goes on to say several children felt upset by the challenge.


Mysteroo t1_jahthj0 wrote

Very weird but feels lowkey harmless

unless there's some implied subtext about 'surrendering to the police' or 'praying', in which case I can definitely see that being concerning

Edit: OHH WE'RE TALKING ABOUT MOHAMMADKHANI? I thought we were criticizing Rover for directing kids to reflect like that. If you can't tell, I didn't read the article


blu3dice t1_jahyyz1 wrote

If there was a group of teenage boys discussing their mental health struggles and a school broad member interrupted to interject themselves into the conversation--- is that low-key harmless?

"See, boys, most of you don't experience mental health issues - just half. It was super important I interrupt because my observations are more important than your voice being heard and this space feeling safe. I know it feels very vulnerable to discuss this subject matter among your peers. But I couldn't help myself. Go ahead and proceed."

Is that not derailing? Is it appropriate behavior for an adult? Are those boys overreacting? Would they continue to feel safe to speak openly?


Mysteroo t1_jaiujau wrote

Deleted my initial response because I only just realized that the criticism here is against Mohammadkhani, not Rover.

Was it not obvious that I was talking about Rover? Considering how I was specifically talking about the subtext surrounding their exercise? Like - yeah I should gotten more context before commenting but come on y'all


[deleted] OP t1_jahuk4q wrote

The people in the room didn't feel it was harmless and that's what matters most. I was not there so I have to go based on what those that were there felt.


Mysteroo t1_jaiusyg wrote

FYI: I wasn't talking about Mohammadkhani. I thought people were criticizing Rover


00112358132135 t1_jahx2fb wrote

Seems like it upset several children so that’s the harm. I’m personally wondering what is the motivation to correct someone like that and say “only a few hands went up”.

Like, is she that technical of a person that the statement needed to be corrected in that moment so we all live in truth or…? It just comes off as ignorant to the feelings of the kids.

Perhaps she is a little ticked off about the idea of having a director of diversity who is trying to “put trauma on” kids who don’t have it? Idk, I’m just trying to make sense of it.


Mysteroo t1_jaiuvix wrote

> FYI: I wasn't talking about Mohammadkhani. I thought people were criticizing Rover


the_honeyman t1_jahyd0l wrote

There was more to her outburst than simply "challenging the amount of hands that went up." It was enough that a bunch of students sent letters to the school board and showed up to speak at the meeting.


Mysteroo t1_jaiuxnj wrote

>FYI: I wasn't talking about Mohammadkhani. I thought people were criticizing Rover


FMYLtoss t1_jai97y4 wrote

I'd encourage anyone that can handle honest, non biased facts to read the story. The way it is being discussed here is in a way in which people are rapidly drawing conclusions NOT based on facts.


the_honeyman t1_jaiawjb wrote

The way it is being discussed here came directly from people who were actually in the meeting. Take your nonsense elsewhere. You've already had one post removed, nobody is buying yall's bull.


ProgressMom68 t1_jaijeu3 wrote

It’s hilarious that you created an account just to come in here to try to defend this bigoted woman. I read the story. Twice. She had no business being there and interrupting. End of.


blu3dice t1_jaicoq6 wrote

What conclusions are people getting wrong? That the vice president of the school board didn't show appropriate temperament given the circumstances? That, as Vice President she should be an example to the children of this district on how to behave appropriately?

Edit: and before you comment that I haven't read the story... this news is 4 days old and I've previously commented and criticized the Newsleader's headline as click bait.


Jo11yR0g3r t1_jaj2230 wrote

Shame they didn't have the balls to just boot her off the board entirely, especially after the crap she pulled in the meeting "in her defense"

In short, claiming it was just an excuse to publicly shame her and she shouldn't be in trouble because she "didn't know it was an sps event" and then closed with "I will continue to fight what the hustlers are peddling" which the conservative room seemed to enjoy

It was just so bizarre to watch. It was obviously just a stunt to keep that low-brow-conservative vote, very apparently antagonistic, and not even the first time she's done stuff like this. After all that, all they did is remove her arguably meaningless title for an unpaid board position?


dmmagic t1_jakrepd wrote

FWIW, I don't think they can because she was elected. There would have to be a recall vote on a citywide ballot.


zouspring t1_jaihg7s wrote

For those that watched, can we revisit what was in Kelly Byrnes ear? He claimed it was not electronic but this is a subplot that I want to know more about!


zouspring t1_jainf03 wrote

In this picture from the News-Leader you can defiantly see something dark or black in his right ear.



DraftArtistic7599 t1_jajsk4d wrote

I think it’s a reusable ear plug marketed to folks who are neurodivergent, and struggle with overstimulation due to sound.


AmcillaSB t1_jaj46ga wrote

In this day and age, I'm shocked a politician had consequences for their actions.


[deleted] OP t1_jahei40 wrote



Randaroo82 t1_jahg3s0 wrote

What if I told you POC are also capable of being bigoted shitheads?



[deleted] OP t1_jahgvos wrote

I think you're confused. She wasn't fired "in the name of racial equity." She was removed for her behavior.


dhrisc t1_jahjb4f wrote

She wasnt even fired, she just isnt vice pres anymore because she has shown she is unprofessional and irresponsible.


22TopShelf22 t1_jahk40y wrote

Love how minorities punish minorities in the name of protecting minorities. This is progress huh?


ActionFalcon t1_jahnah5 wrote

Do you think people protecting minorities believe that each and every one of them can do no wrong? Are you really that ignorant?