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pssssn OP t1_jai4oe7 wrote

>A former state lawmaker from Nixa who once imagined herself as becoming a researcher like Marie Curie or Mother Teresa on Tuesday, Feb. 28, was sentenced to six years and three months in prison for fraud, lying and distributing controlled substances without a valid prescription.

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Few_Ear_1346 t1_jaj4mq4 wrote

She wanted to be like Mother Teresa, she was prosecuted by U.S. Attorney Teresa Moore ,who is a true Mother Teresa. A glitch in the Matrix??


disturbed_beaver t1_jai74l1 wrote

Zero remorse shown by her. Instead, she played the ol' feel bad for me card, as if she is the real victim here. She fit right in with her colleagues in the state government with that mentality.


brainkandy87 t1_jao0mpt wrote

My favorite part detailed the government funds she received while she and her party are vehemently against those things.


LeeOblivious t1_jai5u6o wrote

The Judge went easy on her. 75 months when the sentencing guidelines bottom out at 87. It must be good to be an old white republican. He gave her a light sentence even though he found no contrition.


pssssn OP t1_jai9blo wrote

>It must be good to be an old white republican

It should be noted that the Republican party in the Missouri House attempted to push her out immediately after charges were levied. Credit where credit is due. She eventually resigned after she was convicted.


Thatguyyouhatealot t1_jaie0db wrote

Actually, she was sentenced by an Obama appointed federal judge.


throwawayABDE45 t1_jaj2flg wrote

Not only that, he’s an African American Obama appointed judge. Like you can’t get anymore opposite than Tricia Derges than that…


LeeOblivious t1_jaiftwf wrote

Which means absolutely nothing. Unless you think that a center-right president who would have fit right in with the republican party of Eisenhower somehow appoints only Judges who do not give out light sentences to white collar criminals who fit the specific pattern as shown here unless they really really super deserve to get of lightly?


Thatguyyouhatealot t1_jaii4oz wrote

Dude, give it up. You tried to imply she got a sweet deal because she was a GOP rep. You were wrong.


LeeOblivious t1_jaj8o33 wrote

Nope, I pointed out that Old, White, Republicans tend to get light sentences. This is across the board regardless of who appoints the judge or if a jury is doing the sentencing. Thus it is nice to be one when you crime.


GmanG64 t1_jai7bv0 wrote

75 months a light sentence? Drunk drivers who kill people get less than that. I'm sure her party affiliation made all the difference. Not.


LeeOblivious t1_jai8quu wrote

Drunk Drivers fall under state law which has different sentencing guidelines, this was a federal case. Her guidelines as a first time offender was a minimum of 87 months to 105 max for the crimes she is guilty of. For fraud cases a large part of the guidelines comes from the amount stolen. The more you steal the longer time you are supposed to do.


GmanG64 t1_jaih1qz wrote

I'm well aware that drunk drivers fall under state law and they have different sentencing guidelines. I was merely pointing out that this is not really a light sentence as you claim. And it really just wanted to get down. Voted a lot because that seems to be the norm for the Springfield subscribers.


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ninjastyleot t1_jajmo5e wrote

I wouldn't live in Christian county if you paid me. Corrupt and crooked and JRA.


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mrsdex1 t1_jam00ap wrote

I grew up on the Northside. Raised my family in Christian County.

My children have grown and escaped the area, so some pluses do exist.


NotBatman81 t1_jargdat wrote

The "power structure" in Christian County skews way too far in rewarding people in the clique vs actual merit. Then these clowns get delusional about their own abilities and righteousness.


CasualRedditer42 t1_jajt8l6 wrote

But I thought stem cells were evil to Republicans??


pssssn OP t1_jaju9xf wrote

I think it is ok because there were no actual stem cells in the solution she administered. All she was doing was ripping off sick people with false hope.


CasualRedditer42 t1_jajx9nq wrote

Yeah I’m saying I’m not sure why a treatment purporting to contain stem cells would have been attractive to the large amount of people around her that claim that to be an important part of their political affiliation.


[deleted] t1_jai4wzr wrote

It seems like a fair sentence. Especially considering she never said she was sorry but thought it was a good idea to bring up being bullied as a child.


LeeOblivious t1_jai8xr4 wrote

A fair sentence would have been in the middle to lower part of the guidelines. This was a light sentence.


[deleted] t1_jai9yxv wrote

The sentence she received is only 12 months short of the minimum range you've previously mentioned. As a citizen I am fine with the punishment.