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muddpie4785 t1_jaqgxym wrote

What are you selling, dude? Get-rich-quick? Crypto? Homeopathy? Jesus? Are you Jack fucking McBrayer? I'm not buying your touchy-feely cheer-up crap. GTFO with your fake hearts and flowers. I can smell your ulterior motive. Just tell us what you really want instead of trying to trick us into giving it to you.


dwimber t1_jaqxyx4 wrote

You need a hug, but with that attitude I doubt anyone wants to give you one.


ActionFalcon t1_jartd77 wrote

All this paranoia over a little reddit post.. lighten up.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jasdq0h wrote

There's no ulterior motive, I'm genuinely wanting people to do well. I hope you're doing well too, man.