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Hello everyone! This is my first post here, so glad to be apart of our community and what we do!

Speaking of our community, I've been doing a lot of thinking and talking with others at my job/school/apartment complex, and I've just noticed that a lot of us feel... drained. There is not a lot of energy that people can readily use outside of work, school, and family. Is this because of the state of the world currently? Is it due to post-pandemic burnout? Is it something else?

Whatever the case may be, I want people to try and put themselves out there and just let us know how you're doing. It's definitely ok if you're not doing well. I think we can all understand that, through and through. It's been an incredibly difficult few years that we have all been through, but just know that you are never alone. Personally, I'm doing just ok. Life is pretty rough trying to finish up college and dealing with the next phase of my life staring me right in the face. But I still have friends who enjoy my company, a roof over my head, and a great community to thrive in.

I hope you all are doing well. If not, what do you think our community can do/focus on to help? What are some things you notice that needs work in our area? If you are doing well, what tips do you have for others to better help ourselves/the community?

The final thing I want you all to know is that you matter. No matter what is going on, every single person matters, and so do you. I stand in solidarity with each and every one of you guys. Please feel free to reach out at any time, I'm always here to listen to my community. I hope everyone can have a great day/week/month/year/life.



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trashchan333 t1_japd08t wrote

I’m hanging in there but i feel like literally one more thing going wrong in my life will push me over the edge lol


MenopausalMama t1_japduw0 wrote

I've been feeling this way for years now. That one more thing keeps happening and somehow I'm still here but I'm not at all happy about it.


Beavis2210 t1_jaxign7 wrote

Chiefs won the Super Bowl, so you’ve got that.


sourdoughbreadlover t1_japulpj wrote

I feel that way often. So far I haven't gone over the edge. The capacity that humans have is amazing. Self preservation or spite I don't know what it is anymore.

I used to think life was one thing after another and it's not. It's everything all at once. I cant handle that and I don't think we were meant too.

I just know my dog loves me and I'll be damned before I let her down.


Marlwolf_legends t1_jaoxxjl wrote

Fuck this place.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_japreoo wrote

I understand that sentiment, but there's always something good to be found in any place. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you


dwimber t1_jap7ke2 wrote

I'm good. Work is ok. Home life is good. Legal gummies are nice.


sourdoughbreadlover t1_japuptf wrote

The gummies do help. Thankful for that and seeing the records get expunged make me feel like MO took a step forward for once.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_japrao9 wrote

Hell yeah, legal gummies are great. I always gotta be careful to not eat too many at a time since they're always so good 😂


MenopausalMama t1_japebkj wrote

Not good. Waking up every morning is really getting tiresome.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_japrn0n wrote

I'm really sorry you're feeling like that. Just know there is always someone available to listen


[deleted] t1_japf2sx wrote



PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_japrtvd wrote

Hell yeah, I'm glad you get to enjoy your relaxation! I still have a long way to go until I get there 😂


AdequateTimeshare t1_jaq0pwj wrote

I feel bad! The world is bad, and I'll never be successful!


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jaq1h4i wrote

Thank you for your honesty. It's definitely easy to see how the world can be bad, I just want to try and make it a little more positive and open in any way I can (: you can always reach out if you need


silverstyrofoam t1_jaqznrl wrote

Sounds like you’re not quite sure what step comes next. It’s not a comfortable spot to be in, we’ve all been there. I’m not sure what your definition of success is, tell me that either here or in a DM and I’d be happy to help you develop some SMART goals and get a sense of what steps to take next.


sourdoughbreadlover t1_jap2ftz wrote

Irritated. Frustrated.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_japrg9r wrote

I totally get that, please reach out if you need someone to listen


sourdoughbreadlover t1_japzsbm wrote

I don't feel like there is a point in reaching out.

I am the one being depended on, I don't get the option to depend on others.


mylifeissoperfect t1_jarfuqb wrote

I feel this so much. Being in charge is so fucking hard. Just remember the good you’re doing for so many people and try to make time for yourself. Really, really try to make at least some time for yourself at least once a week even. Weed gummies are great, getting coffee or drinks with a friend, even just enjoying an hour of a show or podcast with no one else in the room can be a great way to escape momentarily.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jaq17ul wrote

It doesn't have to always be that way. At least from what I've experienced, even providers need their shoulder to cry on or ear to listen to them vent. You're never alone in this, man


sourdoughbreadlover t1_jaq1djd wrote

I get that you are trying to spread positivity and I don't want to rain on it. Have a good night.


Bright-Lion t1_japs15i wrote

Oh it’s because capitalism. Did you not know?


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jaq0tcj wrote

Hey, I definitely know capitalism is the root cause, I'm just trying to do what I can to help others around me 😅


Evening-Maize-6779 t1_jar3p1p wrote

Life has been a never ending, one thing after the other, constant stress battle, and I’m more than burnt out. I’m halfway here, dissociating through life. I don’t interact with people by choice now. Helps me avoid the bullshit. I fell off the edge a long time ago.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jasdyta wrote

I completely understand that. Burnout is a really hard thing to deal and manage. If you ever need anything, please feel free to reach out, you're never alone in this


pssssn t1_jark70q wrote

I'm totally burned out and I don't know how to get out of it. It started with the pandemic. I think it forced me right into a mid life crisis, lol.

Trying to focus on hobbies that make me happy and saving up enough money so that if I quit or get fired I'll have time to figure out what to do next.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jasekba wrote

It definitely forced a lot of us to rethink and plan a new future. It's always good to stay in touch with your hobbies! Don't ever let your work take up what's important to you


MCLand t1_jathfj7 wrote

Big OOOF here

Laid off in January (happy 31st b-day to me!), cat just got a diagnosis of cancer, on unemployment and trying to get medicare to help with my maintenance meds so I don't die before I have insurance coverage again...

Been trying to apply to places I might actually want to work rather than settle and it is the most demoralizing feeling. There's shockingly(?) little going on here in the realm of employment opportunity.

Oh, and the climate is fucked and only getting more fucked and our entire society is on the verge of collapse.



PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jatqo0r wrote

I'm really sorry you're going through all of that. You are never alone in all of this. I really think that working together amongst the common people can be a lot more fruitful than we think. I'll be rooting for ya


snorlaxatives_69 t1_jarnv3w wrote

I’ve been feeling really down from the pandemic. I lost my good paying job because of my mental health and I’m doing lame work from home jobs. I’ve gained weight. Therapy is too expensive. Idk how much more I can take besties


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jaseps1 wrote

Hey man, I totally sympathize with that. I recently got diagnosed with hypertension from gaining weight because of the pandemic, so the struggle is real. If you ever need anything, please reach out


Glittering-Bake-2589 t1_jarspma wrote

Side note to this topic.

Springfield could really do well if they started focusing on more outdoors and/or things to do that are free to the community.

Bentonville has mountain biking parks, Kansas City has stuff downtown, Columbia has a shit ton of outdoor stuff, and St Louis has a ton of free things to do - indoors and outside.

Springfield has some walking trails and then downtown has Art Walk and bars, but we really don’t have anything else to do. No museums, the skate park has to be paid to enter (almost every skate park in America is free), the trails aren’t very good, and all the other things to do, Wonders of Wildlife, Japanese Gardens, etc all cost some money.

Springfield should invest more in itself because it’s a really boring place to live. All the college students move away after graduation because Springfield has no appeal to living here.


[deleted] t1_jarx1ax wrote

>No museums

Umm... The Art Museum. It's fantastic. I go a few times a year.


Glittering-Bake-2589 t1_jas2biy wrote

It is nice, but the issue is that it’s really only open during work hours and not later in the evening


[deleted] t1_jas3o23 wrote

It's open til 8PM three days a week and open on Saturday. I work a pretty typical schedule and it's not a problem to have time to go.


bradleysballs t1_jas3v1g wrote

The MO History Museum in STL does a thing on Thursday nights where they're open until 8 and have talks, activities, food & drinks, etc. and I think the Art Museum should do something like this


[deleted] t1_jasdc1k wrote

The Springfield Art Museum is open till 8 Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


Dbol504 t1_jasnsmr wrote

Trails aren’t good? What are you smoking? Nature Center is excellent, several good parks with longish trails, Wilson’s creek is now free, just to name a few aside from the nearby state parks.

As someone that lived in KC for years and stills gets back up there very regularly what are you seeing that’s so great and free in downtown KC? P&L is free to get in to but you’re not going to have fun if you don’t spend any money on food and drinks.

College students don’t just move away because Springfield is not ideal to live like a larger city, there’s also a tiny job market and no way we could support large numbers of graduates every year with new jobs.


WendyArmbuster t1_jauj6b9 wrote

I'll tell you what's great and free in downtown KC, and that's Penn Valley Skatepark. That bowl is completely sick, and I drive up a few times a year to skate it. There's also Harrison Street DIY, but Penn Valley is just amazing.


WendyArmbuster t1_jaujwag wrote

I agree. We could use a bike jump park, a few free skateparks, an RC racetrack, a pumptrack, a whitewater park, and some mountain biking trails IN TOWN. We have some good parks, but we could use more activity-specific parks.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jasfdjf wrote

I really love your suggestions!! I personally believe if we invested in public infrastructure, walkable sidewalks, and more public land would make Springfield leagues better. I'd love to pitch this idea to people who would listen, I actually had the mayor come to one of my classes and speak to us about leadership, maybe I can ask my professor for a contact info to reach out (:


Longjumping-Ice-8814 t1_jasiu0n wrote

This is so thoughtful to do. I have long Covid or PVS, so all of the diagnoses to come out of that have been pretty overwhelming, but I also have a really great village. I love that and don’t want to take it for granted! Yesterday was a tough day, but today, I get to enjoy a show with a friend of mine and I’m excited for the dopamine rush! 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️😆


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jass1ea wrote

That's awesome!! I'm definitely afraid of developing long covid myself, so I get the pain. I'm glad you're doing things you enjoy, though!


GubsTheGod t1_japxrxa wrote

Y'know what really needs work around here? The single moms. I'm slowly going insane because of them. I'm still fine though


muddpie4785 t1_jaqgxym wrote

What are you selling, dude? Get-rich-quick? Crypto? Homeopathy? Jesus? Are you Jack fucking McBrayer? I'm not buying your touchy-feely cheer-up crap. GTFO with your fake hearts and flowers. I can smell your ulterior motive. Just tell us what you really want instead of trying to trick us into giving it to you.


dwimber t1_jaqxyx4 wrote

You need a hug, but with that attitude I doubt anyone wants to give you one.


ActionFalcon t1_jartd77 wrote

All this paranoia over a little reddit post.. lighten up.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jasdq0h wrote

There's no ulterior motive, I'm genuinely wanting people to do well. I hope you're doing well too, man.


whattheduce86 t1_jap34c6 wrote

Lol wtf.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_japr49h wrote

Hey man, I just want to ask people how they are doing. It's really easy nowadays to get lost in our own lives and forget that there are people like us all around in our community. I hope you're doing alright!