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Had too many phone calls from my mother about unleashed dogs while she’s out walking hers. Just last night, she was at the Walmart Market by her place with her dog (she takes that dog everywhere if the weather is good enough, always leashed up too) and after her shopping, she got the dog out to pee out on the edge of the property. Some old man in a yellow car pulls up, opens the back and his dog jumps out, sees my mom’s dog, and takes off towards her. Luckily the dog had a toy in its mouth or who knows what would have happened. My mom is missing part of a lung from lung cancer and gets tired easily so she was too out of breath to yell for help.

I’m so fucking over you all who don’t leash your dogs up.

EDIT: My mom does not take her dog INTO the store. Just on the ride when the weather is nice like this weekend. Leaves the window cracked for her and is never in the store too long. My mom is a good dog mom.



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nobile t1_jb1cezq wrote

And the worst part is that you'd get the blame if your leashed dog attacks the one that isn't leashed (and clearly was at fault for invading their space) :(


mandarinett0 t1_jb1kzo3 wrote

facts. i’m tired of peoples unleashed dogs coming up to me real fast, even if they’re friendly. and then the owner gets this offended look on their face when i don’t pet it, which makes me feel a bit better.


the_honeyman t1_jb1f4qi wrote

I have a neighbor who lives on a corner and let's his dogs put into his unfenced yard every morning. I was out walking a foster I had at the time and they let the dogs out as we were walking past, they made a beeline for me and my dog. I started yelling for him to get his dogs, and put myself between his dog and the one I was walking. Dude picks up a piece of firewood and runs up threatening me for "kicking his dog," yelling about how "he doesn't have to have them on a leash or have a fence," and how his dogs were friendly and just wanted to play.

I pointed out the nose-leash I had on the foster and said "sure, but my dog wants nothing more than to rip yours apart." He then had the audacity to tell me never to walk down that sidewalk again.

Irresponsible dog owners are the literal fucking worst.


LeeOblivious t1_jb1kiga wrote

Refer them to city code:

Sec. 18-53. - Running at large prohibited; minimum fine.

(a)It shall be unlawful for any person owning, controlling, harboring, possessing, or having the management or care of any dog to permit such dog to run at large.

And if he comes at you again call the cops


the_honeyman t1_jb1n7c5 wrote

I was seriously tempted to print out the code, highlight the relevant parts, and plaster it to his door, but I don't plan on moving any time soon and don't want a blood feud. Plus I haven't seen his dogs recently, so maybe he got the message.


NotBatman81 t1_jb3hwdf wrote

Call animal control and they can give him a warning. I've talked to them when they were looking for a loose pit in my neighborhood and they seemed pretty easy to work with.


XzallionTheRed t1_jb22r7a wrote

Pepper spray them and him.


the_honeyman t1_jb26948 wrote

I'm gonna go ahead and pass on the assault charges, thanks.


Saltpork545 t1_jb445bv wrote

Nope, this is actually a valid answer. The moment he picks up a blunt object and starts running at you purposefully threatening you, you are completely clear to bust out the pepper spray. That is not an assault charge and pepper spray done correctly typically doesn't actually harm dogs.

It can make them go more fight-or-flight, so once you spray them, get out of the situation and call the police. Some dogs will whine and cry, some run away, some get more aggressive.


LeeOblivious t1_jb5oo9g wrote

While they probably might win in court, the question is will it be worth the time and expense. Because the probability of them being cited and having to go to court is better than 50%. It would be a he said they said type conflict and most police I've delt with tend to refer that to the prosecutor to deal with. So then you need to get a lawyer and spend time going to court.

I'd still call animal control and submit a report, so they have a record in case this has occurred before and they have a nuisance dog file open.


the_honeyman t1_jb448ff wrote

And then I have a pissed off neighbor looking for revenge.


Saltpork545 t1_jb44lh0 wrote

Yep, because of his temper and lack of responsibility.

It doesn't change the facts of the situation as you have laid them out. Letting dogs out without a leash and you getting between your dog and their dogs could have ended really badly for you. You just became the barrier that gets bit.

Him grabbing a blunt object and threatening you with it is grounds for self defense, particularly the closer he gets. If he was hurling insults from the porch and being an asshole but not being threatening, you can't walk up and pepper spray him. That's not the situation you laid out above.

So you can choose to not go that option, but understand what you did is not recommended. If your neighbor is a shitbird and it sounds like he is, treat him like one. If he did something that was a genuine threat against you, make him not do it again.


the_honeyman t1_jb44zci wrote

Doesn't change the situation that escalating the problem does nothing but cause more problems. Wasn't asking anybody for advice on how to handle asshats, thanks tho.


XzallionTheRed t1_jb2rll4 wrote

Suit yourself, both a dog attack and a beating with a stick would be solved with that and going away. Love victims thinking that they can't defend themselves and just bitching.


the_honeyman t1_jb2t5oc wrote

I did just fine avoiding both without escalating the situation unnecessarily. Love assholes making assumptions about others who don't resort straight to violence to resolve problems.


PM_YOUR_PUPPERS t1_jb1oj1l wrote

My entire neighborhood (like 6 houses on the neighborhood anyways) let's their dogs run off leash. I'm not even talking about sitting in the yard with them I mean straight up unattended.

Just yesterday the neighbors dog walked into my garage and took a shit on the concrete.

There's a smaller dog they chases cars constantly and I have to be really fucking careful I don't run him over.

It absolutely baffles me how people can defend this or think this is ok. This is a newish fucking subdivision with a HOA too.


Wrinklestiltskin t1_jb4uw6b wrote

Get some gloves and smear the shit on the dog every time and before long they'll stop letting it run loose if they think it's going to roll in shit every time.


est1967 t1_jb1ncb1 wrote

People who take their dogs shopping are just as big of a problem.


petlove499 t1_jb21df9 wrote

I don’t take my dogs into the store but I do believe that people who don’t leash their dogs are definitely worse than people who take their dogs into stores, especially if they are taking their dog to dog-friendly stores.


LeeOblivious t1_jb1f1tq wrote

Leash your animals if they are anywhere that is not an enclosed and controlled area! I have neighbors who let their little ankle bitters run all over the place with no leash. They are constantly running up to adults, kids, and other animals yipping and barking. And then he comes chasing after them yelling for them to get back into his unfenced yard.

This is aside from the whole entitled assholes who take their comfort animals everywhere with them and expect them to be treated with the same deference that service dogs/miniature horses are.


Lachet t1_jb2vc24 wrote

It's a real problem, all over town. If your dog is outside your house or fenced ride, it is supposed to be leashed. On top of that, people have apparently forgot how to pick up after their dogs. Seems to be an increasingly big problem in my neighborhood.


hopelesswriter1 t1_jb3iqj9 wrote

Literally same thing happened to me this evening. No clue why the other persons dog was off the leash, but the last thing I want is either my dog or theirs to be hurt. Just leash your dogs folks! It’s not that hard. Even if your dog is trained for off the leash recall, it’s better safe than sorry.


Delicious_Adagio_332 t1_jb3jo7g wrote

I live in an apartment with their own set of leashing rules, and it’s appalling to me how many people still let their dogs off leash. I have a mini schnauzer and have had several people come out with their dogs off leash that have immediately gotten in his face. They’ll just say “oh, sorry, but he’s friendly!” 🙄 you don’t know if my dog is though!


Flat-Sun-5134 t1_jb34ivk wrote

I’ve been running into this issue at Lake Springfield often lately. Lots of people on the trails with their dogs unleashed


Adorable_Pea8830 t1_jb5e5lo wrote

I’ve run into this a lot recently on the trails. I just stop in my tracks and grab my dog by the harness until the person gets the message and moves along. I cannot stand that shit.


AggravatingReach8891 t1_jb7mw0w wrote

Such irresponsibility from soooo many dog owners. I have a huge strong dog. Great Pyrenees. Super friendly, but also a challenge for me at times. I've had an unleashed dog run up on us and my dog drag me to the ground and the other owner literally standing over me while I'm just like, "Can you take your dog away. As you can see I'm on the freaking ground." And they're like somehow not getting it?!


bubertsnup t1_jb9v0t2 wrote

Feel like most of the people in spfd that let their dogs run loose are meth heads that don’t even need a dog. My neighbor has a fully fenced in backyard 7ft privacy fence and I watch him take his dog in the front yard (unleashed ofc) and he lets his dog shit in our neighbors yard every single time


snorlaxatives_69 OP t1_jb9zgus wrote

You should pick it up after they’re done and do the old flaming bag of poo to them


J_712 t1_jb1rbf4 wrote

Agreed but also, unless your dog (or your mom’s dog in this instance) is a legit service animal, it shouldn’t be in grocery stores or any other stores where prohibited.


snorlaxatives_69 OP t1_jb1rklf wrote

She never takes her dog INTO stores. I’ll edit the original, but she takes her on the ride and then keeps her in the car with the window cracked. Only takes her out when the weather is nice like this weekend, not when it’s too hot or cold.


SnailsLoveGravy t1_jb4zjyu wrote

Many thanks from all of us with allergies, as well. That extra distance helps me breathe easier, sometimes.


ponyboi915 t1_jb3cfmo wrote

Question - what are your thoughts on like the kind of well trained dogs that have the good recall and ignore other dogs off leash


snorlaxatives_69 OP t1_jb3csqb wrote

Others don’t know how well trained your dog is. Leash ‘em if you got ‘em.


KrazolS t1_jb309k4 wrote

If you can’t handle your own dog maybe you shouldn’t own it. Really applies to everyone, people with friendly dogs and people with not friendly dogs


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LeeOblivious t1_jb1n4ut wrote

Truth. Open carry is for fools, cosplayers, those who want to intimidate others, and people making a political point. But I repeat myself.

If you have to carry, do so concealed and in a proper holster not dropped in a pocket or tucked into a waist band. Had an idiot almost drop his pistol twice in the store I work at that had kids in it a few weeks ago because he kept sticking it in his sweatpants waistband. I gave him a plastic bag and asked him to keep it in that until he got his pants situation fixed. Note the elastic was so bad off the pants keep slipping down, and he was freeballing. I had to use some brain bleach to get rid of that memory.


snorlaxatives_69 OP t1_jb1mz22 wrote

Not a fan of guns and neither is my mom so we will not be doing this.


the_honeyman t1_jb1ngsy wrote

It's also one of the stupidest pieces of advice I've ever seen.


Saltpork545 t1_jb43vpg wrote

I'm a gun person. I carry every time I leave my house. I'm serious about it too and I don't slack on it.

What you described above really doesn't meet the requirements for use of deadly force against someone else's dog until the dogs started attacking each other or you.

The better option honestly is pepper spray. Yes, sometimes you need to be able to resolve the situation with violence. Proper use of pepper spray won't permanently harm dogs but it can make them fight or flight, so once it happens, gtfo.


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boostbander24 t1_jb2v10p wrote

Do you think maybe you could’ve used your reaction to pick up your dog instead of draw your six shooter?