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robzilla71173 t1_jb5awef wrote

Reply to comment by GundleFly in Best restaurants by RIPIronmayne

That's one of the reasons I find reddit really cringey. If the crowd disagrees with something it can be downvoted and made to disappear. Doesn't exactly lead to open conversation when contrasting opinions can be buried. You learn more in life from the people you disagree with.

That being said, I'm surprised there were (and continue to be) downvotes. It's a pretty popular restaurant and not at all controversial. It's not like I recommended mexican villa or something. :P


Ganrokh t1_jb63arf wrote

After my wife and I tried Cafe Cusco and Van Gogh's for the first time in 2021, my friend was telling us about how we need to avoid them because the owner was very much against COVID policies and wasn't doing anything to protect their staff/patrons. We ended up avoiding the restaurants for a few months until I tried to verify those claims myself and couldn't find a source at all.

Seeing the initial downvotes on the comment above reminded me of that.


GundleFly t1_jb65krg wrote

He was anti-vax and against COVID policies. However, after losing one of his friends/employees and father to COVID, and nearly losing his mom, his stance changed.


Ganrokh t1_jb65vjo wrote

Ah, good to know, so there was a kernel of truth to it. My friend was telling us about him losing his parents and that not changing his views.

Either way, glad he came around, but sad for the circumstances.


robzilla71173 t1_jb6aykw wrote

Oh wow, I didn't know about his parents getting sick. That sucks about his dad. I never got to meet the dad, but back when his mom was helping out she'd always make sure to give me a big hug before I left. She's a sweet lady.


GundleFly t1_jb6edsj wrote

She’s been there the past few times I have gone! She worked Valentine’s Day