Submitted by mshelly4 t3_11kjie5 in springfieldMO

my friend said her coworker found a little boy in the road who had been hit by a car and wasn't breathing but we can't find anything about it anywhere, does anyone know anything about this?



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SweetSewerRat t1_jb7t3c2 wrote

Was this person trying to get out of work? Cause if so, yeah I totally heard about that.


LifeRocks114 t1_jb7r681 wrote

I think your friend's coworker is full of shit


mshelly4 OP t1_jb7rj5f wrote

LOL me too, thought I'd give her the benefit of the doubt and see if anyone knew anything but the story didn't sound believable at all


417spacewizard t1_jb7oyur wrote

Cause it was probably a dog or a cat. Or it never happened


mshelly4 OP t1_jb7p6jq wrote

I'm more leaning towards it never happened because she said she got out and checked his pulse and everything so who knows, I feel like I'd definitely see news about it


helpimalibra t1_jb7msb2 wrote

Where was this at? How did your friend's coworker know the child was hit by a car? Did they see it happen? Why didn't the coworker report that to 911? Sorry for all the questions just curious.


mshelly4 OP t1_jb7nc60 wrote

not exactly sure where, but the coworker lives near campbell/central springfield so I assume around there. They said they didn't see it but called 911 but I'm not sure why everyone else would just pass by, we don't know if she just made up the story that's why I thought I'd ask on here


Golden3ye t1_jb7o0gb wrote

Was it by a truck?


mshelly4 OP t1_jb7o3pn wrote

no idea, the coworker didn't give many details and said they didn't see it actually happen


Punnchy t1_jb9e9oq wrote

I hope that little boy or girl is enjoying their new life in a fantasy world. Maybe they have SS tier magic, or an online grocery system, maybe they come back as a slime. Who knows, isekai'd has such potential.


Specialist-Bath-9225 t1_jb91nbk wrote

I believe her, except it was a girl.


mshelly4 OP t1_jbggrkn wrote

do you have any sort of link or anything ? or do you just blindly believe her lol


No-Construction3637 t1_jc2vj88 wrote

This happens quite often unfortunately. There are ky3 articles within the last few months, so maybe it’s possible? But who knows.