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[deleted] t1_jba2r1h wrote

I have had Brightspeed/Century Link for over a year now. My price is still $65 a month.


dudleythedogg OP t1_jba3u10 wrote

Ultimately that's my complaint. Why Jack the price up for just those folks in the center of town when everyone else still paying $65


[deleted] t1_jbac235 wrote

I'm guessing you've already reached out to them to make sure it's not an error.


MartonianJ t1_jba6qa6 wrote

Same. The internet is great but if they raise it to $100/month I won’t do that.


Great-Bratton t1_jbbh6xw wrote

I actually just signed up a month or so ago and got in at the $65 a month price point. The sales rep said that they were raising their prices to around the $100 mark. Not that it helps, but it does seem like this was a planned thing. I honestly think the speeds justify the $100 and that $65 is a freaking steal.