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67alecto t1_je8fsjx wrote

You should definitely check out Eden.


DeathCait t1_je9qwtn wrote

Eden is top notch! I’ve fostered for them and adopted from them. They’re very kind and truly care for all cats.


AquaAndMint t1_jea85t1 wrote

I was also considering adopting a cat and someone recommended Eden to me -- but I thought their application seemed invasive and it turned me off.

I've never adopted an animal before, is it normal to agree to appointments at your house?


67alecto t1_jeaj3z1 wrote

Places that really care about the animals will do that


MenopausalMama t1_jealisg wrote

Yes, it is. I had to do home checks for all my fosters before they went to their new homes. With my foster dog I made sure the fence was secure and tall enough without room to go under, etc. With the cats and the dog I checked for plants that are toxic to pets and things like that. A lot of people don't know about toxic houseplants, essential oil diffusers, and other hazards. No one is trying to invade your privacy -- just make sure the home will be safe for the animal and possibly give some helpful tips for bringing the new pet home.

With the dog we spent weeks meeting up in public parks so the dog they already had could get to know the new dog on neutral territory. Then we spent a few more weeks with me bringing the new dog to their house for play dates. This was necessary for these two large dogs. It wouldn't always be.


AquaAndMint t1_jeb709m wrote

Thanks for the info! I'm not a pet owner now, but in the past, I've always either taken in strays or directly from someone I knew, so it caught me a bit off-guard.


MenopausalMama t1_jebzlhs wrote

The Humane Society doesn't do it and I don't think CARE does either if you find it too invasive. I know people have different feelings about things like that. I really went through the wringer to become a foster. LOL. Had to provide vet records for all my personal pets in addition to a home check.


MenopausalMama t1_je8hj8f wrote

Watching Over Whiskers - foster based cat rescue

Rescue One - foster-based rescue for both dogs and cats

I have fostered for both of these organizations personally and can recommend either one. I know a lady who fosters for Eden which another poster suggested and I know they are also good. I just haven't worked with them myself.


disturbed_beaver t1_je9lnt6 wrote

I love rescue one! Such a great organization. I'm sure watching over whiskers is too, but I know R1 is overwhelmed with animals right now. They have nearly 500 in their care last I saw.


eva-cybele t1_je9m92n wrote

My two cats were adopted from two different places - my old cat from CARE and my new kitten from Rescue One. CARE is a shelter/sanctuary, while Rescue One exclusively fosters. But CARE saved my old cat from being euthanized in a kill shelter, so they give second chances to animals who might not otherwise get one, if that interests you.

I had good experiences with both.


GBBorkington t1_jec206y wrote

Watching Over Whiskers. They are so dedicated to the cats and really make sure they go to good homes.


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