Submitted by zenaa21 t3_11lkggk in springfieldMO

I'm spring cleaning and have some overstock kids' toys (all brand new) i need to get rid of in bulk. I would like to donate to some local kids' charities, so what all would you recommend?

Edit: Thank you for all of the suggestions! I plan to divide most of it up, and I'll drop off at a few of these locations!



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dannyjbixby t1_jbcy2k9 wrote

Sammy’s Window is a great org for this.

Harmony House is another fantastic org that could use them.

Crosslines could be a good option too.


N7Manofkent t1_jbcvngz wrote

Headstart or the mercy kids hospital might a good place to check maybe even Ronald McDonald house


ACR1984 t1_jbeqkhi wrote

Ronald McDonald House will only take new toys. Their clientele often have children with medical issues so used toys bring exposure/germ risks.


Numerous-Mix-9775 t1_jbdc69j wrote

Sammy’s Window is a “thrift shop” for foster kids.

Isabel’s House might be interested, they are a crisis nursery - basically, if kids need an emergency place to stay (Mom is getting away from an abusive partner and needs a few days to secure housing, for example), they take them in and care for them until arrangements can be made.

Harmony House is a domestic violence shelter and usually women and kids arrive with not much more than the clothes on their backs - they would probably appreciate them too.


WeirdAdministrative3 t1_jbdk7bp wrote

YCC would be a great place to drop off also....we have a smaller version of Sammy's window


SansSheriff_MO t1_jbe3v0y wrote

Burrell! They have residential facilities for kids and they often get overlooked in calls for donations