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WorldFoods t1_jbh8qwo wrote

I thought I heard something about a Korean cult buying the campus? Maybe I’m totally off-base bc it kinda sounds outlandish.


Miserable_Figure7876 t1_jbhbagh wrote

I'm pretty sure the Korean cult bought Central Bible College and not Baptist Bible College.


probably_inside t1_jbhyeom wrote

CBC was bought by the Korean based Good News Mission in 2019. It is most likely a cult and has been accused of the same tactics as the unification church.


Citizenchimp t1_jbi4nwm wrote

I heard that too. Sounded mutually advantageous for both cult and former cult sanctum.


MartonianJ t1_jbhsb5i wrote

There are definitely Korean people there. I can’t really figure out what’s going on.