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beefbaby79 t1_jdxwijw wrote

I do contract work for every trendsetter neighborhood in republic and nixa, there is no chance I would ever buy a house that has their name on it. If there is a way to cut costs they've found it but somehow don't pass the savings on to you. Op I would say steer clear.


Codyg2154 t1_jdzo52u wrote

Yeah agreed those new houses there building in nixa are a joke, the most cheaply built houses ive ever seen. You might as well buy a trailer house and save 100k


pssssn t1_je0bhig wrote

Do you mind giving a few examples? I'm just curious, I watch a lot of inspection tiktoks also, lol.


jackie_wiggiwoo t1_jdwzo3r wrote



jackie_wiggiwoo t1_jdwztix wrote

Okay now that it is out of the way please message me and I will tell you all about my house purchased from them in May 2021.


KoiCyclist t1_jdxndik wrote

Nooo! We all want to hear the story!!


jackie_wiggiwoo t1_jdxo6l2 wrote

LOL basically a brand new house should not have electrical or foundation issues. The electrical was “fixed” but it was a short term fix. Our driveway is crumbling, the subfloor was not nailed down so it’s very loud when walking.


Ozarkian_Tritip t1_jdwyyk7 wrote

Not related to Trendsetter, however as someone who once upon a time moved into a new build house, you need to budget for small things a used house would have. Including, backyard infrastructure and window treatments. And getting both done can be a pain in the ass and more costly than someone who just bought a house would want to spend. (Unless you both make excellent money, then please disregard).

Used houses might also have small personalized touches that a new build might not have off the bat. Such as backsplash, upgrades, etc.

The builder may offer such things but they will charge a premium because they expect you to finance it through the mortgage company.


Salt-Description-387 t1_jdyp6i5 wrote

I have some friends that recently purchased a new Trendsetter home. It’s been a nightmare for them. Leaking doors, leaking sewage lift, incorrectly installed windows, and their neighbors have the same or worse issues. Then it takes them weeks to get someone out to fix it and they have to call Trendsetter every day and push them to fix it.


TarqSuperbus t1_jdy0m7h wrote

I'm going to reverse the question. since folks don't like trendsetter, what would anyone recommend instead?


mangogetter t1_jdyuogt wrote

Personally, I'd buy a 100 year old house in one of the good center city neighborhoods.


Kodysoldmyhome t1_jdy2agn wrote

If you've got your heart sent on new construction

Oller building Co (currently building in Ozark and SW Springfield)

Bussell building co (nixa , battlefield and republic)

C&L builders (ozark)

Turner/wolf development (nixa , willard and ozark)

I've been a realtor in our market for 8 years and these are the builders I'd reccomend.


Dear_Significance_80 t1_jdy3fuj wrote

Lmao. Ask the people in Eagle Ridge in Nixa about Bussell.


Kodysoldmyhome t1_jdy3txf wrote

I'd love to hear your experience. DM me if you prefer to keep it private. I haven't sold in anything in eagle ridge but my clients in other developments were happy with their builds.


Dear_Significance_80 t1_jdy48uv wrote

Join their Facebook page and ask. Last I knew there was talk of a class action lawsuit.


Resident-Log6503 t1_jdzvw0w wrote

We are in a bussell home (not in nixa) and aside from some minor issues we haven’t had any problems. I would recommend them.


417SKCFAN t1_jdymaz5 wrote

I am watching the Oller homes go up on the daily, they are slapped together really quickly and I’d have concerns with consistent quality. They had their subs working in some truly awful weather.

I can’t help but look at the costs of new builds in the area ($200+ a square foot) and wonder who is buying these spec homes at that price.


22TopShelf22 t1_jdyym43 wrote

I doubt you've sold many of his homes if you think Oller is good. That man is a piece of trash. Absolute scum bag with a terrible reputation.


Resident-Log6503 t1_jdzuon9 wrote

We looked at a trendsetter home and it just seem so cheaply made. We ended up going with bussel there were some minor issues but really I mean minor we’ve been in our home a year now. Bussell also includes tons of upgrades as standard eg granite countertops wood cabinets hardwood floors. Our neighborhood also comes with full brick exterior.


Meek_Money OP t1_jdyebx6 wrote

I’ve heard good things about Bussell and Cronkite


Falling_up22 t1_jdzuqy4 wrote

I do real estate and from the min I started, I was told never buy a trendsetter home. They fall apart and are built as cheap as possible. When Ryan builds a home specifically for someone, I hear it’s great but the already built…. Don’t do it!!!!!


Love-Being-Empty t1_jdzqhii wrote

I work around trendsetter. The houses may look nice, but give it 5 or 10 years you will spend more repairing it. Especially in Cheyenne valley.


Zurion56 t1_je0oxu0 wrote

What about ELS construction? I’ve seen them a few times but not heard anything.


therealdubdub1200 t1_je2uv1x wrote

DONT DO IT. Totally regret buying ours.


Meek_Money OP t1_je2wznp wrote

So sorry to hear that! What went wrong with yours?


therealdubdub1200 t1_je2y26z wrote

It's very cheaply made and the finish work is awful. We had to fight to get the few things fixed that they agreed to fix. We had sewage backup in the basement because they installed a pump wrong. I'm pretty sure our deck stairs are only on cinder blocks because they didn't pour the pads under them. I feel like the house is probably actually worth about half what we paid for it. And compared to some of my neighbors we got lucky, they've had horrible issues. I'm currently watching them build the new houses in our subdivision and it's crazy how fast they're throwing them up.