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LifeRocks114 t1_jdtchkt wrote

kum&go at sunshine and scenic will let you use theirs for free, but you have to park at the air spot then go inside to the register and give them your driver's license, then they'll give you the nozzle to use on your tires. You go back inside and give the nozzle back, they give you your license back.


No_World9345 OP t1_jdtcwb8 wrote

What a colossal pain in the ass. I think I’ll just become a bike person.


xchadrickx t1_jdtfbug wrote

What if your bike tire goes flat?


Eulers_ID t1_jdtkmg1 wrote

Frame pump. Tube in a wedge pack with a dollar bill and a small amount of duct tape in case you need to make a boot. It's a good idea to put a mini cable lock on your wedge pack though. I've had tweakers steal one of those before for God only knows what reason.


rocks66ss t1_jdzkxms wrote

Well. It beats setting there with your thumb up your ass with a flat tire.


tdawg-1551 t1_jdtcbti wrote

I have a couple of leaky tires and had the same issues. I bought a great compressor for like $25 on Amazon. Plug it in, set the pressure, and turn it on. Takes a little longer, but it is there whenever you need it. Got tired of the guessing game on if a nozzle would be there.


socialistpizzaparty t1_jdtjoom wrote

Same here. I got one off Amazon (Slime brand…) and it’s been awesome.


AmcillaSB t1_jdtw35i wrote

I've given them as gifts to friends and family.

Outside of a jumper battery, it's like one of the best investments you can get, it saves you from being really inconvenienced.


pssssn t1_jdvljee wrote

Not everyone is up for this, but include a tire plug kit and some pliers and there is potential for you to be able to temporarily repair some kinds of tire punctures without even removing the tire from the car. Has saved me a lot of trouble at least once.


teenageincel t1_jdthq4x wrote

The Hyvee Fast n Fresh gas stations are usually fine


Matthiasad t1_jdv90gr wrote

Great job everyone, you fell for it. Now OP knows all the places that still have them so they can steal them, and have meth pipes for days.


jackie_wiggiwoo t1_jdtcb2i wrote

Kum n Go near Division and 65, also Signal at Grand and Glenstone.


Pretending2beme t1_jdtdbuc wrote

Signal at Campbell and Broadmoor has a really nice air pump. I ran into that same situation during the last snow storm. I went to 3 different Kum n Go's before I found one that had a nozzle. The one at signal was ran over at the time.


TheBlackPurrade t1_jdtzqte wrote

Last I knew, that pump had been run over during our “ice storm” earlier this year.


chstrumpetdude t1_jdyas2u wrote

Can confirm. New digital pump replaced it, but the install looks like crap witch the electrical box dangling


Doubleucommadj t1_jdtd4va wrote

Kum and Go on E. Sunshine, in front of the MO Career Services, is always reliable.


mb10240 t1_jdtg2zg wrote

Costco. But I think you have to be a member to activate. Pretty sure it’s nitrogen, too. It’s by the tire service entrance.


mysickfix t1_jdv7x1a wrote

Never in my 40 year, 6 doing drugs, have I heard of meth heads stealing these for pipes. Meth pipes are sold all over this town in shitty gas stations.


Lord_Debuchan t1_jdv7opu wrote

I got tired of going inside and asking for the nozzle. I just gave in and bought a portable air compressor that hooks up to my cigarette lighter in my car.


Wyldfire2112 t1_jdujod8 wrote

My recommendation is pick up a car power-station (aka, battery with jumper cables and some ports) that also has a compressor. I haven't used gas station air in years.


Digital-Latte t1_jdtj4wp wrote

Rapid Roberts used to have them, but they do charge you for air.


nbmft13 t1_jdtk4bp wrote

Kum & Go near Republic and Scenic is reliable


thisxisxlife t1_jdu5rh1 wrote

I love discount tire co, you just pull up near their bays and they’ll top you off. Very friendly guys there.


dhrisc t1_jdve1jl wrote

The signal station on campbell, n of sunset / across from ace has a great air compressor that can check your tires and fill them to whatever pressure you set on the machine. And its free.


lifepuzzler t1_je0fcj4 wrote

It's like this pretty much everywhere. I got tired of rolling the dice so I dropped $30 on a cheap portable air compressor. Just make sure to keep it charged!


my_monkeys_fly t1_jdtskge wrote

If you have a Costco membership, their air station is amazing. You set the psi, clamo it on and it does the work and shuts off.


EcoAffinity t1_jdtusf0 wrote

Does it shut off automatically? It was just screaming at me once it hit the level so I assumed I had to remove it asap. Which is useful too so I don't have to keep an eye on the screen.


my_monkeys_fly t1_jdtuusu wrote

Oh yez, it shuts off and screams. You don't have to rush to remove. Lol


gladiatorbong t1_jdwu82s wrote

From my knowledge every one still has theirs you just gotta ask the people at the counter for it cause it gets stolen of it's left outside.


SharksForArms t1_jdxo8jy wrote

The best purchase I've made since moving to springfield is a $3 air chuck that I keep in my car and can screw onto any of the hoses that have had theirs stolen