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Anima_EB OP t1_je6020e wrote

Reply to comment by Maxwyfe in Surgery options by Anima_EB

I didn't think so but it was a call from the office of the surgeon directly. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this is a bit wild.


Maxwyfe t1_je62256 wrote

Is your surgeon going to offer some assurance as to the outcome of the surgery? I'm guessing not.

I super hate our health care system.


Anima_EB OP t1_je63i2o wrote

Of course not. I super do too. I worked in Healthcare for years and never heard of this.


Tess_Mac t1_je60djl wrote

Do you have insurance?


Anima_EB OP t1_je62e7y wrote

I sure do.


Tess_Mac t1_je639rv wrote

Then they want you to pay the "estimate" of what your insurance won't cover, I'd talk to your insurance company and also call Cox Patient Assistance today.