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hobbit5687 t1_je61nud wrote

I just had a minor outpatient surgery at Mercy. On the online portal it made it seem like I had to pay prior to the surgery. But when I checked in for the surgery I said I wanted to wait until my insurance processed it so that I knew exactly what I was paying for, rather than just the general estimate given prior to the surgery. You can’t be required to pay upfront but they make it sound like you do. Hope this helps! Hoping for a smooth and quick recovery for you!


Anima_EB OP t1_je62d3b wrote

Very much appreciate this. Gonna be giving them a call back shortly to say this exact thing.


jackie_wiggiwoo t1_je86w3y wrote

I just ran into this!! It’s up the the doctor/clinic. I fought it hard but in the end had to pay. They cancelled the surgery because they thought I wasn’t going to pay. I will say I never had to pay anything up front with Mercy so Cox doing this really irritated me. I spoke with Financial Services, a Patient Rep and no one would assist.


Anima_EB OP t1_je895fr wrote

Fucking bummer dude. I assume if you just bluntly turn people away you won't get even the massive insurance payment.


jackie_wiggiwoo t1_je89w48 wrote

It was bs. I had to pay 50% which was $1100. I was beyond pissed, I even called my insurance company to see if there was anything they could submit to Cox to prevent. But something even worse is how long you have to payoff the remaining balance. Ferrell Duncan is 12 months. I’m expecting to pay my out of pocket maximum which is $7000, no way I could pay that in 12 months.


Anima_EB OP t1_je8bqmo wrote

Springfield isn't really that wealthy of an area. There is an immense older working class population. South side can get ritzy sure but what makes them think regular people can afford thousands of dollars randomly?


Niangua25 t1_je9pwd7 wrote

Tell them to send you a bill because you pay nothing without one. That has worked for my wife and I every time. Thats what insurance is for. Once they pay their part, then you can be billed for the rest. They cannot legally charge you for something that they do not know the amount of. My wife and I both worked in healthcare for over 35 years each. 
One thing that has caused most of this is the deals that hospitals have made with insurance companies. It is disgusting what hospitals, physicians, laboratories, imaging services, and most other departments get paid by insurance. A physician may charge the insurance company $250 for some procedure. The insurance company only reimburses the physician $8.50 because of the deal made between the insurance company and the hospital or physician group or whoever.  Or maybe they pay $3 for that $150 X-ray. That is why everyone in healthcare has to do 10 times the work they used to do because insurance pays almost nothing for services anymore.

HalfADozenOfAnother t1_je6jz7v wrote

I have to get yearly CT scan at mercy that cost me about 1600 with insurance. I say same thing then file for financial assistance. They always knock off another 50% or so