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BleedWell3 t1_je636y1 wrote

I used to work outpatient registration at Cox and pre payment is on fact a thing. However, you don’t need to pay anything up front if you’re not able to. They won’t turn you away or anything. I’m like you, I always wait for insurance to do it’s thing first.9


Anima_EB OP t1_je63rdc wrote

Seems like the thing to do. I hope they won't, I've put off the surgery for a year already because they did this last time.


augreu t1_jedegyp wrote

They (Cox) wouldn't do a preventative procedure (colonoscopy) that is totally covered by insurance unless $2,000.00 was paid first. They said pay or we'll cancel the procedure. We didn't pay. The procedure was cancelled. Never heard from them again.