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LeeOblivious t1_je6ag5e wrote

I'm sad this is occurring at all. I wish we had a first world health system like the other industrialized nations. But sadly we do not.


Anima_EB OP t1_je6be8q wrote

1000% agree. Too much money to be made from lobbyists clearly.


LtColDuBois t1_je6zeum wrote

Try getting care in Germany. Pretty bad experience in Stuttgart, a place with a large US military population. Big part of the reason we came back to SGF. These stories aside, my experience at Mercy and the VA clinic in SGF has been a relative joy vs. Germany. And their system is not single payer, either. Lots of cash for services, much more than here, as well as private insurance and hospital horror stories.


LeeOblivious t1_je71c7g wrote

Not my experience at all when using non-mil health systems in the EU (or Japan). Maybe they just like Navy guy's better?