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FiregoatX2 t1_je7x4lq wrote

Reply to comment by Seymour---Butz in Surgery options by Anima_EB

I already explained life threatening conditions and how hospitals treat them in the first response. The OP stated a minor outpatient procedure.

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Anima_EB OP t1_je82280 wrote

Pretty boomer take mate. Not even remotely the same thing, you really don't have a ton of options with how insurance is currently. Regardless of the procedure it's in no way shape or form like owning a car. We could easily turn to socialist medicine which objectively works if we would shed our other corrupt as fuck systems. I even have pretty good insurance through my employer. This absolutely feels like muscling money out of people who need help.


FiregoatX2 t1_je86cmn wrote

Well just having insurance will reduce your bill, because the hospital negotiates with the payer. It’s the people that don’t have insurance and don’t have an insurance company negotiating on their behalf that you should be concerned about.


Anima_EB OP t1_je89ib2 wrote

Yeah I thought so too, but they've informed me that this is what they assume I'll owe after the insurance. I even have a good standing with them and am a regular patient. They have no real reason to pressure me like this.