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As the title suggests, I’m looking to move to Springfield by early May hopefully. I think my credit score is decent? (705), I have no prior evictions, I can provide a 2 1/2 year rental history, but I have a cat/dog/mini lop bunny. All the animals are spayed and house trained (even the rabbit though she has her own enclosure) I’m looking to move with my 18 year old sister so we can get out of a bad situation. We have a $950 budget but we’d like for it to be lower of course.

I’ve been looking at “At Home Properties” and they seem pretty decent, the reviews look good, but I’ve also been keeping my eyes peeled on other rental apps like Zumper, Trulia, and even Craigslist. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for who to avoid renting from and who to maybe seek out?



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Television_Wise t1_jc0tmaf wrote

At Home seems to be a bit of a dice roll in people's experiences from what I can tell. If it's the ones I'm thinking of, they don't own the properties, they manage them for owners, so whether any property will be a good experience depends partially up to which owner you're renting from, not At Home.

That said, I would take a hard look at their leases and consider the implications. Their lease makes you waive your right to a 24-hour notice before a maintenance or other employee enters your home for a repair or inspection.

I also think their bedbug clause is skeevy and immoral af, but that's not uncommon in this town.

TLC seems decent and they allow pets. You might run into issues with your rabbit because a lot of property companies have BS policies banning "exotic pets (aka anything that's not a cat or dog).


00112358132135 t1_jc22kqc wrote

Avoid Fidelity with all your might


Television_Wise t1_jc5h8g4 wrote

Deets? Just curious because I've never heard of this one before.


00112358132135 t1_jc6o10w wrote

Maintenance is absolutely awful. It’s like pulling teeth to get them to fix anything and their properties are old. Fred, the manager, has been an asshole to us on several occasions threatening to raise the rent if we are to be provided with replacements for their broken appliances.


Restelly-Quist t1_jbznbqv wrote

I rent from At Home and they’ve been great.


FrozenBearMo t1_jc10ehk wrote

Avoid TLC, they don’t take care of their properties and they have a fee for everything under the sun. I spent 4 years with them.


Element_of_surprise t1_jc9b6x8 wrote

Personally, I would really avoid At Home and Wooten Co. Look at ratings on different websites. I would be really careful with sites like Craigslist, Facebook, etc. A lot of people use photos of properties and try to scam to get an application fee. I would mainly try to call the actual properties to make sure your talking to a real person/property manager.

Carlyle Apartments is great property. They’re run by Brian Properties. They have been really great at maintenance requests. I know they have an open one right now. They also have duplexes. Houses are just outrageous right now in rent. I think there’s also pebble creek, willow creek, quail creek, (lots of creeks lol), but that’s all I can remember that are good right now.

For pets, I’d definitely see about going to the doctor about your anxiety (wink) and getting an emotional support animal certificate for both pets if possible. I wouldn’t tell about the bunny. I know that seems awful, but it would save you a typical $1000 in pet fees on move in? They can’t charge you a pet fee if you have an ESA.

If you’re in a really bad situation and need help, please feel free to dm me and I can actually research for you.