Submitted by yesimian t3_11rgb6c in springfieldMO

Going to be in town next weekend and was wanting to find a local brewery that has a taproom and offers beer flights. Didn't have look at brewery websites one-by-one.



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socialistpizzaparty t1_jc8fpg9 wrote

Tie and Timber is another option. Plus you have Team Taco right across the street! My favorite tag team!


TheNecrostar t1_jcb53a8 wrote

That’s down the street from my place! Honestly smart location


Aur3l1an0 t1_jc8jcpe wrote

Mother's and SBC are stumbling distance from one another


the_honeyman t1_jc8qrps wrote

Basically all of them? I've literally never been to a brewery that doesn't offer flights.


[deleted] t1_jc8ygz0 wrote

Literally never? Not one, single, solitary brewery has ever not offered a flight? Not one!?


Accomplished-You4125 t1_jc8cz5x wrote

If you are on the south side, Wire Road has flights. They are a little over a year old, and they have an awesome heated patio, food trucks nightly, and original local brews.


Low_Tourist t1_jc8k6hk wrote

Great Escape does flights, and they're not far from 4x4