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Kosherporkchops t1_jc8fcbc wrote

Basilico Italian Cafe has a gluten free menu


muddpie4785 t1_jcd2e38 wrote

I heard a rumor one time that they'll make you a (gf?) pizza if you ask. Wonder if it's true? I'd kill for a decent pizza just once before I die ...


Kosherporkchops t1_jcd2vrw wrote

Give them a call and ask, I’ve never had their pizza before but the seafood bake is awesome


PhillyDillyO t1_jc8jsg1 wrote

This sounds nuts but Incredible Pizza! They have a buffet for your non-gluten free friends and they have the BEST gluten free pizza that I’ve found! Also they have a deal that for a $20 game card, you get a buffet for free!


mad_jade t1_jc93g1u wrote

Jersey Mikes for subs. If you tell them it's for an allergy, they will cut the bread in a different area and that same person will put the toppings on your sandwich and wrap it.


jackie_wiggiwoo t1_jca6jpx wrote

Mc Alisters, Craft Sushi, Rocco’s Pizza, Firehouse Subs. I would download the Find Me Gluten Free app


nichivefel t1_jc8n510 wrote

Craft Sushi is great with allergies! For other sushi places, Kai or Haruno. Bambu for Vietnamese food. Corner 21 for some authentic Chinese food. You can even have the fried things there. They don’t use flour in anything, just cornstarch and their fryers are not contaminated. Other Chinese: Amazin asian, Lucy’s, leong’s. Rama Thai and Thailand Station for Thai food. Wheelhouse for Thai fusion.

I haven’t even covered all. We have so many options in the area!


muddpie4785 t1_jca6vru wrote

Don't chinese places put soy sauce in everything?


Unlikely-Matters t1_jcawlfd wrote

A lot of these places offer gluten free soy sauce if you ask. Amazin Asain is suuupper nice & definitely care about the safety precautions


nichivefel t1_jcbfowa wrote

Yes a lot to. For gluten free options they either use GF soy sauce or do a white sauce.


Bright-Lion t1_jc8uzym wrote

Do NOT go to the Schlotszky’s on South Campbell if you need your food to be actually gluten free. I worked there for years and while they do have gluten free buns and pizza crusts, it all goes through the exact same oven as the regular food and is prepped on the same surfaces, with the same toppings and utensils.


EliGrrl t1_jc8jfdi wrote

Van Gogh’s has lots of gluten free items


bitunique t1_jc8rubl wrote

Farmers gastropub has great gluten free options


N7Manofkent t1_jc8b142 wrote

Most restaurants should have a special menu for allergies