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nichivefel t1_jc8n510 wrote

Craft Sushi is great with allergies! For other sushi places, Kai or Haruno. Bambu for Vietnamese food. Corner 21 for some authentic Chinese food. You can even have the fried things there. They don’t use flour in anything, just cornstarch and their fryers are not contaminated. Other Chinese: Amazin asian, Lucy’s, leong’s. Rama Thai and Thailand Station for Thai food. Wheelhouse for Thai fusion.

I haven’t even covered all. We have so many options in the area!


muddpie4785 t1_jca6vru wrote

Don't chinese places put soy sauce in everything?


Unlikely-Matters t1_jcawlfd wrote

A lot of these places offer gluten free soy sauce if you ask. Amazin Asain is suuupper nice & definitely care about the safety precautions


nichivefel t1_jcbfowa wrote

Yes a lot to. For gluten free options they either use GF soy sauce or do a white sauce.