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DeathCait t1_je9s52g wrote

There’s a weird little park off oak grove just south of cherry. There’s a sign for it, but doesn’t appear to be any parking and it’s behind residential houses. That might be a good one to look into.


KoiCyclist t1_je9u03a wrote

The one with the frisbee golf course?


DeathCait t1_je9ugjb wrote

Not the one behind the community center that he frisbee golf. This one is further north just before cherry street. I am not sure what’s back there because I’ve always been too chicken to walk behind the houses lol. I looked it up and it’s called Lurvey park.


robzilla71173 t1_jea50uy wrote

If I'm remembering right that's our smallest area city park. I've also always felt weird walking back there so I've never been either.


Objective_Chard1497 t1_jeb9ytz wrote

You’re talking about lurvey park I believe


Memopops t1_jebggsx wrote

Check out Ooley park while you’re over here. Just off Oak Grove, two swing sets, a sinkhole, and regularly floods. It’s a doozy! 🤓


Objective_Chard1497 t1_jebour1 wrote

Is that the one just before cherry??


Memopops t1_jec1brw wrote

So if you go east on Cherry from glenstone, turn right on oak grove and then take the first left. It’s one house down basically


Objective_Chard1497 t1_jeefns9 wrote

Yep! I’ve always wondered if anyone actually used that park 🤣 I drive by it everyday on my way home from work and haven’t ever seen a soul there


Memopops t1_jefmqma wrote

Everyone once in a while you'll see someone there...not like Lurvey though....that place is creepy lol