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RobCali509 t1_jeccnc1 wrote

It's like shaking hands with your best friend.


Always_0421 t1_jechcmu wrote

If your best friend has a millimeter wave body scanner and is SUPER anal about you taking off your shoes.


MacAttack2015 t1_jecc5y5 wrote

We have flown out of SGF several times. TSA wait times have always been short. Long-term parking is easy, they have lots of it and the parking lot is right across the road from the airport’s entrance (though the parking lot is big and we always end up being a ways out there lol). It’s an incredibly small airport. Show up one hour before boarding and I doubt you have any problems whatsoever.


Whereismymind3 t1_jecegey wrote

If you aren’t checking a bag, 30 minutes before your boarding will be fine. There are just not enough gates or flights for the lines to be more than 15-20 minutes. Usually it’s like 2 minutes. The only potential hold up in SPG comes from checking a bag, and that process is similar to other smaller airports.


MartonianJ t1_jecl339 wrote

Sorry to be pedantic, but it’s SGF. SPG is a small airport in St Petersburg, FL


Whereismymind3 t1_jecx9u8 wrote

Yeah i wasn’t meaning to refer to the airport, but fair point. I’ve always abbreviated “Springfield” that way.


bradleysballs t1_jeeiwgk wrote

that's amazing lol I've never seen anyone else pick that abbreviation


kellsybellsy t1_jegnye3 wrote

Rules have changed. You now can’t check a bag unless you’re there 45 minutes in advance.


shorberg t1_jef3kii wrote



MacAttack2015 t1_jef6v6t wrote

I had SGF initially then saw someone reply with SPG, so I thought I had the acronym for the airport wrong... changed it back now. LOL.


shorberg t1_jef7171 wrote

SGF is the norm for referring to the city, but since we’re talking airports I thought you meant the other


Saltpork545 t1_jeg3bfy wrote

This. It's a small enough airport unless they're crazy busy, your TSA wait time is often under 15 minutes.

The long term parking is easy and if you're able to walk half a mile, you will be fine.

The times I've flown out(which has only been like 3), I've never had any issues with checking in, getting my luggage checked in(including carrying a firearm in it), and getting through TSA.

An hour before your flight is set to start boarding is a good idea. 90 minutes if you really want to be sure.

Since I carry a gun in my luggage and that requires some extra TSA fun, I will show up 90 minutes early.

This is, of course, just me travelling. No kids, no groups. Just me.


im6ub9 t1_jecrhlh wrote

Honestly the airport is amazing. One of the best parts about living here.


ACKC333 t1_jeef4xn wrote

It is an easy airport, however, it’s more expensive and you always have a layover compared to a bigger city like KC or STL.


im6ub9 t1_jeej3o8 wrote

Yes, true. Small airports always have that problem - smaller planes, always a layover, and the tickets tend to cost more. What I meant though was that it has a lot of upsides - there are never long lines, you can park literally across the street from the front door, it’s clean and modern. That and not having to drive three hours to STL or KC is also a huge plus and can definitely be worth the money.


Low_Tourist t1_jeexgwr wrote

Sometimes, but not always. I've had many flights with fares that were within $10-15 of flying out of a larger airport.


ACKC333 t1_jegyo07 wrote

I guess it just depends on where you’re going. We mostly travel out west and the prices aren’t too bad to go to CA but always have a layover in Dallas. We’re saving a few hundred dollars a ticket by flying to the PNW via STL. So that was worth it to us. We also don’t live in Springfield so the drive won’t be too bad.


Cold417 t1_jecd2lt wrote

2 hours isn't necessary. Most of the times I've flown out of SGF it took longer to get from Long Term Parking to the TSA check-in than through the check-in. If you check-in online and you don't need to check a bag then 30 minutes would do


ZacharyGreenquist t1_jed1dw7 wrote

It's the easiest airport ever if you don't include the fact that you don't have a direct flight to anywhere.


New_Boot_Goofin11 t1_jecmm8x wrote

SGF is one of my favorite airports to fly out of. TSA is always short and long-term parking is relatively close and reasonably priced. The only tip I can offer is if you have a lot of bags and/or traveling with kids; if you can drop your kids, spouse, and bags off at the entrance. While the parking is relatively close it is kind of a hike with a bunch of bags and a couple kids in tow.


BeardedNazgul t1_jecfne3 wrote

Likes others say, through TSA in 10-15 mins. Just show up 45mins in advance to play it safe. Parking is easier to find in the short term parking lot. Just costs a few more bucks.


Low_Tourist t1_jed69xw wrote

The last time I flew through there, everyone except me and one other person got selected to go through the TSA PreCheck line. We were like "What the hell?"

If you showed up 2 hours early, you might die of boredom.


nickcash t1_jeflubh wrote

you don't get selected to go through PreCheck afaik, you have to pay for it. It's like $75 for 5 years and it's the best money ever spent

it's only moderately helpful at SGF but can save like an hour of waiting at a busier airport


Tess_Mac t1_jeccah5 wrote

Depending on where you park in the long term lot it can be a distance to the terminal. This also depends on the time and day.

TSA again, depends on the day and time. 2 hours is enough time to find parking, hopefully you don't have a lot of luggage.


tuhboggen t1_jechdyd wrote

Someone said they heard the pilot yell yeehaw and that it felt like riding that steer on those commercials for James River Dodge with twelve toes but once it flew out of the 417, smooth ride!


garlicgekko t1_jedr7fj wrote

Last time i flew out i had a pilot that looked about thirteen. So normally a pilot will turn off the taxiway on to the run way slowly ease into the throttle and gently and take ti.e to get in the air. Not this kod i swear it felt lkke he drifted off the taxi line hit the the throttle full speed and we were in the air in five seconds.


Fuselol t1_jectse1 wrote

Every thing about it is super easy.


Yespinky t1_jecckp1 wrote

depends on the airline and frequency of flight, time of day, number of workers, etc.

it's better to be safe and give it more time.

if you've got nothing to check as far as luggage, and are on top of it with your boarding pass on your phone (or otherwise), it's no issue. checking bags takes the longest time, as there's sometimes a line.


kamiela2010 t1_jecel46 wrote

TSA ?? The airport is 15 feet wide


Dbol504 t1_jecoo0g wrote

The couple of extra bucks for short term day rate is worth it over the hunt for a spot and hike from long term to the terminal, especially if weather might be bad when you come back.


helloporator t1_jed7v1u wrote

Incredibly fast if you aren’t checking a bag. The coffee shop is pretty good. TSA gets mad if you don’t have your shoes off early. I’ve noticed this more at our airport over any other lol


bradpmo t1_jee5mj2 wrote

I fly every week out of Sgf. It’s fast and easy. I’m TSA precheck and it’s the only airport that tsa makes me take stuff out of my carry on to scan. I do have a lot of electronics in my bag, but none of the big airports give me any hassle over it. Only Sgf.


Dbol504 t1_jeewsev wrote

I've never had an issue with precheck needing me to remove anything. But most electronics I ever travel with is a laptop and ipad.


bradpmo t1_jeex6t5 wrote

Only Springfield for me. And the same lady both times. Granted, I had two laptops, a second monitor, two iPads, a cell phone, and a ton of cords and cables. Just this week I bought a second carry on bag so I can split it into two in hopes of avoiding this. Kind of defeats the purpose of precheck if I’m unpacking my carryon.


Dbol504 t1_jeezuoc wrote

All you're missing is a bunch of Germans and sounds like you have enough electronics to take down Nakatomi Tower.


bradpmo t1_jefilcn wrote

Preordering the new Zelda Switch, so we can add that to it.

I can’t use work equipment for personal and vice versa. So I have two of everything. Now I’ll have a work bag and a personal bag.


12938je t1_jee8ucx wrote

It's so fast and easy. I travel for work and it's easily my favorite to deal with. I don't think it's ever taken more then 10 to 15 minutes to get through security. If you have to check a bag, that's been the largest time suck for me, but still never an issue.


Leftyworld t1_jeew9mf wrote

It’s insanely fast lol. I was on Xanax and edibles took me probably 2 mins through TSA. Boarding is exactly the time it should be.


Motter360 t1_jef6k6q wrote

Last time I flew out of Springfield, I timed myself from the door to my gate. It took 7 minutes and 23 seconds, no running.


Willing-Sprinkles-17 t1_jeccs0x wrote

I've used SGF several times, but not in several years. Depending on day and time you can get through security anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. The 2 hours is just playing it safe. There isn't much for food and drink past security, so you may want to eat beforehand. You can fill up your water bottle after the checkpoint.


ihaveananecdote4u t1_jeche1i wrote

Usually through TSA in 2 minutes. Show up at least 45 minutes before flight though if you want to check a bag (I’ve missed a flight bc I showed up 40 minutes beforehand due to bad weather and wasn’t allowed to check my bag). The coffee shop is weirdly expensive. There’s a small restaurant with a bar (they don’t start serving drinks until 6 AM FYI), and a Hudson News. Earlier this month it looked like they were building a new little bar by the gates.


LilSisterCumGutters t1_jecmuvb wrote

TSA is usually very friendly. I’ve used them a couple dozen times from 2009 to present. Just be ready to stare at fish


Jimithyashford t1_jecn4ve wrote

It’s usually quick and easy, cause usually not too crowded and it’s a very small airport. I usually only show up an hour in advance instead of the normal 2 at larger airports.

Small planes though, so if the air is rough you’ll be bounced around pretty good climbing to altitude.


smith_winston_1984 t1_jeco65u wrote

Have an Uber drop you off, wear easy off shoes, do not bend over if you drop something, squat down.


plated_lead t1_jecsrew wrote

It’s not bad, you should breeze right through TSA, there’s usually not much of a line.


snarkysammie t1_jeezunw wrote

Flying out of Springfield is a breeze compared to many other airports.


smokeshow91 t1_jef5458 wrote

I’ve flown out multiple times. The earliest I’ve gotten there is 45 minutes before my flight. I’ve also never had to go through the body scanner thing. Maybe I’m just a lucky anomaly though.


lemler3 t1_jeh0vd5 wrote

u would be surprised, we have a really good airport for our size of town lol its cheaper to fly out of sl or kc but that a bit of a drive too


SnootchBerries t1_jedbvtx wrote

It's pretty similar to flying out of other places.. Except you're in Springfield when you do it 🤷