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ReliefAltruistic6488 t1_jch0r3k wrote

I have prepaid AT&T and my husband has T-Mobile. My phone gets great 5G connection, husbands not so much.


rja7 t1_jcgrvbn wrote

Republic Wireless uses T-Mobile. Your best options around here are Verizon or AT&T directly or a prepaid provider that uses either networks. Visible/Straight Talk is usually the best prepaid option if you want Verizon. AT&T Prepaid/Cricket is usually the best prepaid option if you want AT&T.


turbulance4 OP t1_jch6n5k wrote

Thanks all. Based on the suggestion to not use T-Mobile as a carrier I did some googling and went with Visible Wireless. It's on the Verizon carrier. Instantly went from E to LTE in my home. Unlimited data. And it's cheaper to boot.


sajabla t1_jcicn7e wrote

I’ve been wondering about that one.


dudleythedogg t1_jcit0pj wrote

we just switched to Visible as well. $35 a phone line on the Verizon network 5g with 50g of priority speeds. So far so good. will end up saving $2000 a year over Verizon.


ChewML t1_jci2jo8 wrote

If you want a consistent signal outside of Springfield, get Verizon. I am not saying that as a fanboy, I would switch if anyone else could match the coverage.


Mechanicallvlan t1_jcgzz24 wrote

I'm using AT&T's network through Red Pocket, for no particularly good reason. I guess I had an AT&T-locked phone at some point, and I don't want the hassle of switching the network, so I've just stayed with it. I'm not sure exactly how it compares to the other networks. I know that people in the sub have complained about a T-Mobile dead spot somewhere in town, but I think T-Mobile's overall 5G network is supposed to be pretty good? FWIW, you can choose any network with Red Pocket, and it's inexpensive.


Small-Fondant7011 t1_jch2guw wrote

Tmobile. I consistently get 100-300+mbps speeds on my s23 ultra


AutoModerator t1_jcgpnyb wrote

This looks like it might be a post about area ISPs because it contains the word internet. If so be sure to read past posts on the subject. They all basically say this: In Springfield your options are Mediacom, Att, and now Brightspeed Fiber (in limited areas).

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the_honeyman t1_jchbzkf wrote

I use Mint. RIP. Probably looking to switch once my current plan is up since T-Mobile is buying them. And yes, I know Mint ran on T-Mobile's network. It's not the network I have issues with. Service is great though, until you get a decent ways into the sticks or around a heavy usage area like the hospital, your data will be deprioritized.


tdawg-1551 t1_jchee7h wrote

The ATT 5g works great if you have the right phone. I've run a few speed tests and it is over 100mbps most of the time.


PM_YOUR_PUPPERS t1_jciaa1q wrote

I uae straight talk (Verizon side) and get 5g just about anywhere. Of course topography had a huge influence in whether I get signal at all in some areas.

The only issue you will have is if you go to an event like a football game, concert, or anything with a lot of people you WILL get deprioritized and will not have any signal. Other than that I'm completely happy with my service.


longerlive t1_jcjd91c wrote

Trust me when I say US Mobile (NOT US CELLULAR). I used Verizon for years because it's the best around SGF. I decided I wanted something cheaper but the same quality. US Mobile uses Verizon towers yet makes no limitations like a lot of the other brands that use Verizon towers. It's been incredible and very well priced.


Rough-Dust-3926 t1_jcttgtr wrote

Firstnet with at&t. It's been extremely fast, all the time anywhere I go. Even in the backwoods of Chadwick