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I was wondering if any of companies that you guys talked about were hiring. I currently work at Walmart making $14 with barely any overtime. I honestly made more working for Burger King but unfortunately I can’t go back.



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PalPubPull t1_jch0fsq wrote

Pepsi warehouse and merchandising is $20/hr. Coke I believe is very similar. I know multiple people that have been hired from Walmart. I would imagine the warehouse is hiring but it's generally overnight and tough work. Merchandising is too, but it's a bit more normal a shift. I say normal, 5:01 AM is considered late, so you will need to consider that. It's not a set shift, but each week is similar if that makes sense. Like mondays are all the same route, tuesdays are all the same route, so on, but mondays and tuesdays are vastly different from each other. And some tuesdays are different from other tuesdays, as in your orders might be much bigger or smaller to work.

Some days you could be off close to sunrise, some close to sunset, and it involves traveling to different stores. I don't know if they are hiring.

Edit: Also just incredible benefits, as in the insurance is amazing. My wife works in the medical industry and said she's never seen as good insurance, as far as very low deductibles and OOP. It was $23 a week (you're paid weekly) to have a family of three on it.


spiderj904 t1_jch45wt wrote

Walmart sucks, I interviewed with them last month because the salary range said 14-20 and with my experience figured I'd get around 20, nope they said everyone is 14. I didn't take the job and gave them an earful for lying about the salary range.


krillozian t1_jch087l wrote

If your health is up to it, I would recommend trying to get into a trade at the bottom floor, even just a laborer. You can always go back to fast food or WalMart job, but after a year or two of good work you can be making good money.

Edit: Relevant suggestion because many construction companies and trades are hiring entry level around here, take your pick.


Channel-Large OP t1_jchcqgc wrote

I worked two days as a diesel tech before I was fired because I wasn’t strong enough. Btw I went to trade school for it.


AlmightyStreub t1_jcj5nr5 wrote

You graduated from trade school? And post graduation you can't be hired because you're too weak?


AlmightyStreub t1_jcpzq4n wrote

I'm sorry if my other comment seemed like I was giving you shit, I'm really just curious. Did you go to trade school not being properly notified of general requirements of what you were training in? I've considered trade school at times and am just curious. Or do you feel businesses you're applying to are being discriminatory towards since you're female? How strong are you supposed to be vs how strong you feel you are?


Channel-Large OP t1_jcq0s6q wrote

Nah your good. I feel that they are being discriminatory against me. Times are changing but they haven’t changed in diesel yet. I am pretty strong for a female that doesn’t work out. But I hadn’t been working in that field for months so some of my strength was lost.


ChewML t1_jchty8r wrote

I see you mentioned being a diesel tech. If you have any interest in gasoline engine remanufacturing. LKQ is starting at $16.80 an hour, with some chances for monthly bonuses. $100 monthly perfect attendance bonus, $0.50 to $1.50 per hour worked for production and quality bonus, if the line hits in range of it's goals.

40 hours PTO to start with, and a fairly generous point system for other absences.

Four 10 hour days, Monday through Thursday, some half day Fridays for overtime. No Saturdays or Sundays. No second shift. 6am to 4:30pm.

No drug test, and no experience necessary.


Channel-Large OP t1_jchu5tu wrote

I’ll have to definitely look into it. I haven’t heard of the company before.


ChewML t1_jchuso0 wrote

LKQ is a major company, they have their hands in a lot of aftermarket and remanufacturing for automotive parts.

SRC is another local remanufacturing company with multiple locations. LKQ is bigger, but less local presence.

If you have been in the area long you may remember Aaron's automotive, that was bought out a few times and is now LKQ. The building is over by the old airport down west Kearney.


Punnchy t1_jcikgkc wrote

Can vouch for SRC, multiple properties in town and being a tech is a big bonus. There's $15 to start at most locations and some mandatory overtime when things get really going. 401k 5% auto, employee owned 100% and ESOP w/ no out of pocket.


LeaveReligion t1_jchc97w wrote

Maybe try UPS. Part time package handlers make $20+/hr and get full benefits. Early morning hours starting out but you can work your way into better roles.


fruitymexican t1_jch3g85 wrote

Hospitals are always hiring. I worked as a pharmacy tech at Cox for about a year, and there's plenty of room for growth. I started at 12.50 and made 19.00 by the time I left there.

Starting is 15.50 and you get more money if you work evenings/overnights. There are plenty of opportunities to work, and you get paid more by certifications, which are super easy to apply and test for.

Can be pretty fast-paced, pretty stressful mentally. Lots of calls from nurses from the hospital floors with drug requests, and you handle some very expensive/incredibly strong drugs. The Paid Time Off is very nice, but there's lots of specific rules you have to adhere to because it's a hospital.

Honestly, it was one of my favorite jobs, but it has high turnover, and learning can feel a little rushed just because of the environment. If you do well under pressure and can learn quickly, you'll be fine. Can definitely help you if you like the hospital vibe. Very accepting and no judgment of tats or colors. Just buy some cheap comfy scrubs and get to it

PS sorry for being long, but...

Could just be a laborer. Get big muscles and a nice tan to do dumb work. I just listen to podcasts (Ologies by Ali Ward or Highrollers DnD) or audio books (I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy) or some good ass music (Journey or RKS.)

I'm a painter. It's cool enough


PM_YOUR_PUPPERS t1_jchpa4c wrote

If you work in inpatient nursing services you can make big money picking up extra shifts, 60 dollars an hour or more. They're always needing people, especially for night shift.


JH-DM t1_jcictex wrote

Pretty sure Lowe’s lowest paid job is $14 or $15 an hour and any amount of retail or DIY experience would probably boost that, or at least your odds of getting it (plus it’s a hell of a lot better place to work than Walmart).

[edit: Diesel Tech could be relevant to Inside Lawn and Garden with lawn mowers, blowers, etc.. all having engines]

I’d asssume Home Depot is similar considering they’re close rivals.

Menards pays better than Lowe’s for some positions as well.


Elios000 t1_jcjeqfb wrote

tried the airport? there always looking for ramp agents


TurtleSoup58 t1_jchnpub wrote

Got any skills?


Channel-Large OP t1_jchsifw wrote

I’m actual a diesel tech but I can’t get hired anywhere


TurtleSoup58 t1_jchslk1 wrote

Have you tried any of the trucking companies?


Channel-Large OP t1_jchssp9 wrote

I have applied at pretty much all have them.


TurtleSoup58 t1_jchswoo wrote

No interviews?


Channel-Large OP t1_jchtc4z wrote

I’ve interviewed but even though I’m qualified they won’t hire me. I’m also female. I also went to school for Autobody.


MOF1fan t1_jci8jhd wrote

I saw a thread awhile back about how Loves truck stops can't get enough diesel techs. Take anyone remotely qualified. I see tons of ads for them all over the place

Edit: look into factory maintenance. As a diesel tech you're qualified and you'll make way more than Walmart or fast food. Factories are desperate for maintenance help


Rivmage t1_jcij5bt wrote

I have a friend that is female and a diesel mechanic or tech, I can check with her if you like.


Boogersully18 t1_jcirv87 wrote

Since you have autobody training, Reliable Chevy is looking for another tech


czs5056 t1_jcmufgx wrote

Enersys is hiring assembly line for something like $23/hr. It's lead acid batteries, so there will be lead everywhere, but there are always hurting for people with lots of OT


sixelaaa0 t1_jcy9dha wrote

cox health has most base salaries at $15