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That's all I just wanted to brag.

Maybe I will do more grill posts in the winter but now I have a stove. No food buuuut I have a stove! Lol I actually can't seem to get comfortable and keep having the urge to leave the house and go through my usual routines. I have work tonight and need to go home and sleep for it but I just feel so anxious there 😅



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_ism_ t1_jcl8itv wrote

i hear this is kinda a normal phase of being re-housed. my caseworker told me they often see people sleeping by the front door with their things piled up right there for months sometimes after being housed. i wish there was more research on this. it took time for me to feel comfortable in a home too


PassingWithJennifer OP t1_jclkecu wrote

I feel it pretty bad I don't feel like I belong here and uneasy. I can leave whenever I want but there's never anything I want to do. I just drive around and waste gas. I bought a few things at dollar tree for the house like a bowl and stuff. I'm sitting on my bed with no idea what to do and a sense of dread of waiting out the time until my job at night. I also burnt some chicken on the stove and so it's kind of poisoned the air 😅


_ism_ t1_jcm6smr wrote

i used to drive to my old spots and just park there like before for hours


PassingWithJennifer OP t1_jcm8irk wrote

I understand, there was a brief bit for time I stayed with a partner off and on for a few weeks and found myself doing that too when he wasn't home. I've felt like doing the same. Yesterday I certainly did. I just went around and saw all my people trying not to go home. I've been home most of today. Since 1 at least. Burnt some chicken on the stove (I forgot to pick up cooking oil and thought eehhhh they have grease right?)

Noticed my fire alarms didn't go off even as it was choking me and my eyes. Hit the test button and they seem to work. I'm an electrician so I took it off the wall a little bit to inspect the wires and they were hooked up. Lights blinking. Still maybe something is off about them or I'm just unreasonably bored.

I found a very interesting game on PC that captivated me for a while. I've opened my laptop which just used to sit idle in my car for months and months. Got it and a metridvania called blasphemous. I got into metroidvanias homeless cause they're really quite fun without being too hard. This one seems a bit more souls-like but I guess that's OK cause I've been playing castlevanias on my phone and the bosses felt really weak. But it's still like I just want to progress without every single enemy being a dredge.

Kind of want to get a book shelf or build one at work. And fill it with stuff just so something is on the walls. Maybe tapestry. I have work in 5 hours at my night job do I'm gonna take a nap at 6.

I really appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and support here. I wasn't expecting this to blow up originally 😅


[deleted] t1_jcl5nhc wrote

Are you the redditor who chose to be homeless? Sorry if I have you confused with someone else. If it is you, what led to changing your mind?


PassingWithJennifer OP t1_jcljyr7 wrote

Yea. I lost my house ad had noluck finding one at the time so I stopped looking and was just doing whatever I wanted for a while.

I know the summer is right around the corner and I found the summer last year extremely unbearable.

I work outside so my days would be like go to work in 95° heat and sweat my ass off. Then got off work and sleep in my sweat in 90° overnight. Work in sweat and sleep in sweat with no relief. I even would sleep with random guys just to take a shower and get out of the heat some nights. But it hardly did any good because as soon as I was back outside I'd sweat all the way through my hair and clothing.

So knowing that was coming in about 2 months I was becoming anxious about enduring that.

I had befriended many of the people at businesses I frequented every day. Except one which I spent a lot of time at. The south Campbell library. If any of them are reading this and wondering, I'm fine. I was fine the whole time and just came by after work and played video games. Sometimes set up my solar panel. Anyway, one of these businesses I became a regular at I had been bringing food to the employees cause I liked them and knew they didn't get a lunch break. One of em one day told me about these decent apartments so I made the move and started a conversation with the people that run them.

After I got the keys I was a bit overwhelmed. I locked it up and left and spent most of the day procrastinating going home. I eventually went home and felt somewhat more comfortable but still not so great and went to sleep. I just went today to change my address at the post office

Tl;Dr the summer is a hell box inside your car and I do not want to relive that. Rest of the year could be real lovely but the summer is a no from me


[deleted] t1_jclpunc wrote

Hell yeah. Glad to hear things are going well for you. I don't blame you for not wanting to spend another summer dealing with all that heat. Too much heat puts me in an instant bad mood that's not fixable.


Dry-Calligrapher5271 t1_jcmfl07 wrote

whoopsie doodle


PassingWithJennifer OP t1_jcmpkg1 wrote



Dry-Calligrapher5271 t1_jcmrjb4 wrote

"As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us. Like as a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear him."

Psalm 103:12-13


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TheAmaryllis t1_jclflce wrote

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.


queencityegger t1_jclntry wrote

Good job. I’m always taking stuff to the goodwill store. Let me know if you need anything.


PassingWithJennifer OP t1_jclv9pk wrote

TV by chance? I know a bit of a stretch but it's so quiet aside from the outside. I'll probably buy one next month so don't even worry about it.

Edit: I have a couch and bed i got for free but if I thinl of anything I'll let you know


scoop_booty t1_jcm0u39 wrote

PM me...I might have a lead on a TV for you.


PassingWithJennifer OP t1_jcm9kn6 wrote

I'll be super extremely broke for the next 3 weeks. I don't want to delve too much into my finances but I can't exactly afford to buy one today. I know good will sometimes has some older ones for cheap which is why I asked...


scoop_booty t1_jcme18t wrote

For some reason chat settings isn't letting me connect. I have one to give you. I'll be in Springfield in the morning. PM me so we can discuss delivery.


malevolentk t1_jcn0byl wrote

Keep me updated on needs too - I have too much crap and am happy to share


Shadow11Wolf50 t1_jclu6mw wrote

Congratz dude! I know that the system stacks against anyone trying to come back from that, so its definitely worth the recognition.


Heil_Hipster t1_jcls4s6 wrote

Hell yeah! Great work! We're all rooting for you!


Goblin4Morrison t1_jcneswo wrote

I am about to purge some books if you would like them.


PassingWithJennifer OP t1_jco0tb3 wrote

What kind


Goblin4Morrison t1_jctu7tc wrote

Shoot. I just saw this and my sil grabbed a bunch. What kind of books do you like to read? I’d be happy to peruse my shelves and see if I have a couple you’d be into!!!


PassingWithJennifer OP t1_jcu1fsf wrote

I have watchman. I am not gonna lie I like books with pictures


Goblin4Morrison t1_jcucukj wrote

I am not much of a graphic novels kind of person, so I’m not much help on this one.


PassingWithJennifer OP t1_jcwi5e4 wrote

Thats OK I'll take Frankenstein lol. When the internet or power go out next year I'll read. I've heard down town can be finicky


Goblin4Morrison t1_jczhknp wrote

Frankenstein is yours, after work today I’ll look what else I have.


PassingWithJennifer OP t1_jcu1p9y wrote

Oh but also if you have dantes inferno, anything by Milton, any Harvard classics, Dracula, Frankenstein, the classics. My library had these as a kid so I checked them out and finish few of them at the time. Probably have much better reading comprehension now


Goblin4Morrison t1_jcucs0s wrote

I actually have Frankenstein I will never read again. I will look at my shelves for anything else and dm you some options if you’d like. It won’t be today, but sometime this week for sure!


Citizenchimp t1_jco5524 wrote

Congrats! Huge hurdle to overcome. I hope you’re incredibly proud. We can drop off some food sometime if you need it. Just let us know. Best of luck!


armychemsoldier t1_jcor5we wrote

Not an easy thing to dig oneself out of. I’m glad you did and I hope many others can do the same.


KTfl1 t1_jcpbs4i wrote

Hey Jen, , this is a nice achievement and I applaud the decisions you have made to get to your happy place.


PassingWithJennifer OP t1_jcpi7pp wrote

I remember you, thanks! A nice resistor is giving me a TV today. If you know anyone with a space heater lmk! Would be my luck that I move into a place and it's cold as heck outside. Usually my favorite days cause people go home. Rain and snow too. Giving a sense of privacy to being homeless


Tess_Mac t1_jcr1kc7 wrote

Could you make a list of things that you need?


PassingWithJennifer OP t1_jcs34rj wrote

Right now I am looking for a space heater. The heater provided for the living room gets kind of warm if I close everything. Another redditor came to my house and dropped off a TV and stuff this morning and some plates and stuff.

But my bedroom is really cold so a space heater would be nice if you happen to have a spare


Tess_Mac t1_jcwmuux wrote

I'd be willing to send you one.


PassingWithJennifer OP t1_jcwmzud wrote

Sure dm me. I'm at work atm but I might reply by 3 am or sooner. Today is my Friday too so I am free tomorrow.

Well it's Friday at my second job. Then tuesday-thursday at my day job then my night job Friday through Sunday


shavedcow t1_jcmpnc3 wrote

I'm still willing to help with cooking lessons. Whether it be on a grill or on the stove! Congratulations!


MonoChaos t1_jcn1ahs wrote

Oh hell yeah! That's awesome!


scoop_booty t1_jcn5bs5 wrote

I'm going to Springfield at 10AM. And I'm flexible, so whatever works for you. Just let me know when and where.


PassingWithJennifer OP t1_jcna9xr wrote

Oof I just got up for work. I was so awake at home now I'm wore out just driving on my way to work.

I get off at 8 AM ill message you after I get home


Sensitive_Elk_6515 t1_jcnawvp wrote

Settle in and make it your Zin ….. surround yourself with things that give your joy & comfort ….. then the anxiety will subside. I prefer the man cave approach myself. Thinking about a larger tiny home in my retirement…… maybe 1,000 sq ft


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RollOutTheGuillotine t1_jcp4x9l wrote

We've spoken before on a different platform, I abandoned it a long time back. I've enjoyed watching your updates on Reddit, though. I'm proud of you and feel a sense of relief for you- especially considering the state of the world for us. Some folks are just nomads at heart and having a dwelling won't change that, but hopefully it gives you a sense of security- and a place of security. Things you deserve.