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Ed_the_time_traveler t1_jcskxbj wrote

It's a front for the cashew mafia.


Many-Map5137 OP t1_jcsl1dh wrote

What is a cashew mafia


Longwell2020 t1_jcteckz wrote

Bradbradchaw in a power move to corner the pot and takeout markets. If you want people to not care about your health inspection, you gotta pay the cashew mafia.


Spiffy_Dude t1_jct2zry wrote

They’re one of the franchises that Pepsi bought because nobody wanted to carry Pepsi in their restaurants. Captain Ds is better. Still not good, but better than that.


Low_Tourist t1_jct214n wrote

I used to know someone from the LJS cabal. They'd eat there twice a month with their dad. They had a combination of dirty shame/IYKYK pride about it.


Mechanicallvlan t1_jcsmaos wrote

I don't think I've been to a Long John Silver's since I was a kid (80s). I basically never ate anywhere north of Chestnut, so I assume there was at least one location further south back in those days. I think I've been to Captain D's maybe once in the past 30+ years.


MartonianJ t1_jctfyuq wrote

Captain D’s is the one that I’ve never been to and don’t know anyone that’s ever been.

I occasionally go to LJS. Like maybe once a quarter. Sometimes I’m just in the mood for the crumbs.


dwimber t1_jctlq9r wrote

Like how I will go to Burger King when I've forgotten what diarrhea feels like.


MeowKat85 t1_jcuw52e wrote

Those onion rings give me the best people repellent farts.


417SKCFAN t1_jctlhp8 wrote

There was one across from Bass Pro, I think where Pancho’s is now.


KingHalfrican86 t1_jctux96 wrote

LJS and CD are both fronts. Because how can they stay open. One week a year in the Bible Belt is when I see people there, Lent.


nofretting t1_jctkicv wrote

I prefer Captain D's, but I'll go to LJS in a pinch.


Snoo52682 t1_jcuc3nb wrote

I mean, this question goes far beyond Springfield. This is a national-level question.


garlicgekko t1_jcunwae wrote

The real question is Red Lobster.


piscado777 t1_jcv2fyv wrote

When I was a kid they used to give us free crispies (loose fried batter) and pirate hats. That's how they get you hooked.


muddpie4785 t1_jcsuldd wrote

Used to love it, but can't stomach the grease or the gluten anymore.


BetterMakeAnAccount t1_jctaxvk wrote

I used to like it when I was a kid. Now it just tastes like deep fried vomit


UhtredaerweII t1_jctr6ax wrote

Used to have a friend who worked there. She said emphatically that I shouldn't eat there because of what she witnessed, which amounted to a whole lot of lazing stuff out that should stay cold and flies.


garlicgekko t1_jcumqnh wrote

Im 40. My parents and grand parents frequent LJS and Captain Ds. Every once in a great while i get a craving for some soggy fries cod and fries that taste like old fry oil. So my best guess is nostagia.


fultanic t1_jcuzias wrote

You only eat there one day of the year when your self destruction desires are so strong you want your stomach absolutely fucked.


giftedgaia t1_jctn7am wrote

I used to roll through there once a year to get some chicken. That said: I've not been there in like a decade+.


ciennaj t1_jctzj62 wrote

It's the best money laundering front west of the Mississippi


garlicgekko t1_jcunbua wrote

We need to get Rust and Hart on this. Im sure its a Pizzagate situatation.


CTYankeeinMO_1986 t1_jcv1c5a wrote

I’ve wondered the very same thing nearly every time I drive by the LJS on E Sunshine and see nobody (or very few) there. Haven’t been able to figure out how they stay in business, especially when we’ve seen other, much busier restaurants in the area go out of business.


TurtleSoup58 t1_jcwjsqk wrote

I eat there once a year. Yes I’m keeping the restaurant alive.